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Football- Shoulder Flexibility & Strength for Football Spiral

A Spiral is a technique for throwing a football. Due to the aerodynamic shape of the ball, and large surface area (compared to baseball, softball or cricket), a special technique is used to throw the spiral correctly. Shoulder rotation and elbow action are the primary upper body mechanisms. While the acceleration of the total mass of the body, through proper stepping and core rotation is large


component of throwing the spiral so is the action of the arm. Players instinctively realize that the large the lateral (outward) rotation of the shoulder, the further the ball can be thrown. This is because shoulder flexibility allow for build up kinetic energy transfered from the lower body and core to the upper body before release. Unfortunatelly many players don't have the maximum flexibility. If the shoulder is kept tight to protect form injury the, throwing distance suffers. On the other hand if the shoulder is let loose without proper strength and flexibility training, an injury can and often does result.

Few coaches put accent on the shoulder flexibility, because it's rather free joint, which is assumed to be flexible enough for throwing, especially after a warm up. This of course does not allow for best possible performance.

Our Programs are designed based on biomechanical and kinesiological analysis of the spiral. Each muscle is taken apart and is stretched separately using our patented action vs action same muscle technique. This allows for painless increase in the range of motion very quickly. At the same time, we also employ strengthening techniques to bridge the gap between the older range and newly developed flexibility range.

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