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Running Flexibility Training for Distance Runners & Sprinters – EasyFlexibility
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 Running flexibility training is an essential component of both recreational and competitive running athlete's workout regimen. As a runner, you are no stranger to spasms, cramps, strains and sprains. Unfortunately, they occur rather often. Running is one of the most natural bio-mechanical movements that a human can do. It is and has been the most practiced athletic activity for thousands of years. Based on that, runners should have the most injury free bodies of athletes.


​Causes of injury is rather diverse. Overtraining, lack of proper nutrients, faulty technique, dehydration, lack of proper strength training and of course lack of proper flexibility training.    

Running flexibility training - where injury prevention begins​

Today we are addressing the flexibility component. Most runners are very tight. That tightness stems from multiple causes. One of the most important being is stretching improperly.

Most runners use 3 standard, relaxed stretches.
1.   The sitting, standing or supine Hamstrings stretch. Majority of runners stretch their hamstring by placing the foot on something and reaching for the toes with the fingers.
2. Standing Quadriceps stretch. This is where the heel is pulled to the buttocks in standing position.
​ 3. Standing Calf stretch. Most runners stretch the back of their lower leg, by placing the hands on the wall and leaning forward, while keeping the heel on the ground.

​Sometimes a glute, adducotrs, and other stretches are thrown into the mix.    

​However, the problem is... They don't work for many! For those whom those stretches work for, they do very, very slow.

​The proof is right there. Look at runners stretching. Look at the men and women who been running for many years. They are as tight as ever. They can barely touch their toes.    

​Zaichik Stretching techniques are completely different. They isolate each muscle and stretch it very quickly. The difference is seen in the matter of few sessions. Zaichik Stretches also avoid the stretch reflex. Stretch reflex is the reason, why people can't stretch. Because it hurts to stretch. Imagine what you can do, if your muscles can lengthen without pain. Runners using our program report feeling lighter, recovering faster and running much easier and more comfortable. To top that off, our program includes simple (no- equipment) body weight strength exercises. Those movements allow the runner to maintain proper hip mobility, keep being flexible, and to properly transfer the new flexibility into running technique.

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