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Grappling Guard Flexibility

There are very few grapplers today, who can deny the benefits flexibility training has on their game. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a game of strategy and skill. Part of the reason why it takes a long time to master this martial arts is due to large number of moves and their variations. The more you can do, the more advantage you have. Many of the techniques are only possible with flexible body. While others are simply easier to pull off, when the muscles are stretched. 

Majority of grapplers are tight, not because they don't stretch. Most stretch plenty. Flexibility component is included in virtually every BJJ and MMA school. However most of those stretches are taken from yoga. Unfortunately stretching for inner peace and enlightenment and stretching to be able to wrap your legs around someone's neck or arms are completely different things. Relaxed stretches relax the body. That is their primary goal. Flexibility is a by product and comes very slowly. That is the reason, why millions of people do relaxed stretches every day and are not very flexible after years of doing them.

Our program uses Zaichik Stretching techniques. Unlike standard relaxed stretches, Zaichik Stretches have many advantages for a grappler.

1. Specificity.
Each skill can be broken apart into muscle group using kinesiology. After that each muscle is targeted in the ranges the grappler needs it. This is oppose picking a yoga posture that looks similar.

2. Fast flexibility gains.
Quick results is the trademark of Zaichik Stretching techniques. There are a number of mechanisms. One is muscle isolation. Muscles stretch much easier, when singled out. Two is removal of stretch reflex. Stretch reflex is what cases pain. That pain is what prevents you from stretching further. Zaichik Stretching techniques, get around the stretch reflex, allowing for fast flexibility gains.

Our program also contains strength exercises. These moves complement the stretches. They allow grapplers to retain their flexibility and to used correctly in a match. Grapplers using these program have reported easier execution of skills, just after few sessions.

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