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Purpose of this certification is to learn how to master and teach a PROPER COMPLETE forward bend or forward fold.

What is a proper and complete forward bend or forward fold? This is when your spine is absolutely straight and the whole flexibility of the forward bend comes from your hips. This is learning how to not simply touch your fingers to your toes not touch your head to your knees but your whole straight torso from your stomach to your chest is making full contact with your straight legs without any gap.

This is paramount demonstration of hamstring flexibility a complete and unrestricted anterior pelvic tilt without compensating from the spine, from the knees or from the ankles.

If you ever watched people do a standing forward hamstring stretch and you wondered: “How come some people can bend forward but only place their head on their knees. While others can bring their head so low to the floor that it's almost touching the floor?” The answer is the people that are touching their head to their knees are a lot less flexible, then the people who place their head almost on the floor.

This EASYFORWARD BEND certification course has taken us eight years to develop. We’ve tried various techniques, substituting them relentlessly until we’ve developed a perfect system. In this certification course you will learn how to get unrestricted freedom in your hamstrings, in your whole posterior chain.

You'll learn that the beauty of a forward bend rests in the flexibility of adductors, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and sciatic nerve.

And unlike back bending there is no ligaments blocking potential full range of motion in your body. it doesn't matter what age you are, you absolutely can reach forward where not only your fingers will touch your toes with straight legs but your elbows!
In this EasyForward Bend Certification course you will learn how to do a perfect forward bend with ease. You will also learn how to teach this information to your students so that they too can enjoy their forward bends.

Since you are reading this, most likely you already know what the EasyFlexibility System is all about. In this course you will learn the kinesiology of a forward bend. All the muscles that need to be strong and flexible for a full, deep, beautiful, straight back forward bend.

In this course you will learn Zaichik Stretching Techniques for each muscle group, level by level. Zaichik Stretching Techniques allow you to see the progress with every training session. You will also learn a variety of specialty proprietary supporting exercises, that develop the strength , and help the body to adapt to newly and newly founded freedom in your hamstrings.

With strength exercises, many movement exercises guide your body into accepting and normalizing the flexibility that you will be quickly gaining in the four levels of the program taught in this certification.

The forward bending certification is unique in that its the first certification that comes with animated as well as human demonstrations of Zaichik Stretching Techniques to make sure that you do them optimally and get the most benefits.

This certification course will help you to lengthen your muscles one by one to quickly develop and support flexibility necessary to do a perfect, beautiful, straight back, head to feet, forward bends.

In this EASY FORWARD BENDING course you will learn:

Anatomy & Kinesiology of Forward Bending

In this section you will learn all the muscles that need to be strong and flexible for a full, deep, straight back forward bend. These groups of muscles are the ones that restrict forward bending. It’s very important to understand the function of each muscle, where it’s located and what it does, to be able to perform the ZST’s correctly and to understand the workings of other techniques such as Extended Length Conditioning, and other supporting exercises and how they related to maintenance of forward bending flexibility, and utilization.

The Anatomy and Kinesiology is taught together with ZST’s since ZST’s give a deeper understanding of Kinesiology and understanding the Kinesiology in return gives a deeper insight into how ZST’s are derived and performed.

In depths look into ZST's for Forward Bending

In this section Zaichik Stretching Techniques are revisited one more time. The reason for this is because quite a lot of people misunderstand the finer points of ZST’s and having a chance to look at ZST’s again in depth helps to make sure that the techniques are properly understood and performed.

In this section you will learn ZST’s for Gluteus maximus, Gluteus medius, Gluteus minimus, Adductor magnus, Adductor longus, Biceps Femoris, hamstrings and hip deep six external rotators.

Having flexibility in these muscles will allow you to take each joint through its full range of movement. You will get unrestricted freedom in your hamstrings and in your whole posterior chain. This forward bending flexibility can then be applied to any forward bending pose.

ZST'S - Muscle Animations

In this section you will see muscle animation videos of each Zaichik Stretching Technique for detailed understanding of how to properly perform each technique

Antagonist Short Range Conditioning for Forward Bending

In this section you will learn the Antagonist Short Range Conditioning Exercises. These are the exercises that target the antagonist muscles to the ones being stretched. They help with reciprocal inhibition as one of their purposes. And their second purpose very important for a lot of athletes is an ability to utilize the flexibility in skill form. In other words, when anterior flexibility is needed or forward bending flexibility is needed and the body has to work or stay move or keep a specific position in a deep bend then antagonist short range conditioning exercises allow the body to utilize that flexibility and of course they also allow the body to become comfortable in a specific range.

Extended Length Conditioning for Forward Bending

Next you will learn a specialized group of retention exercises called Extended Length Conditioning exercises. Extended Length Conditioning exercises allow the body to become comfortable in new ranges attained by Zaichik Stretching Techniques, so that the body can allow the progression deeper and deeper into flexibility as fast and as safe as possible.

Reciprocal Inhibition for Forward Bending

In this section you will learn specific Reciprocal Inhibition exercises for forward bending. Reciprocal Inhibition is a natural concept in the body. The human neuromuscular system is designed in such a way that when muscles contracts, their antagonist muscles relax, this of course saves energy because two opposing muscles do not compete against each other.

Movement & Habituation for Forward Bending

In this section you will learn the Movement & Habituation techniques for adductors, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and sciatic nerve. There are two ways for the body to become comfortable in and accept the new flexibility ranges as normal, one of course is strength and the other one is movement. Strength exercises are usually linear and are performed with applicable resistance.

Movement and Habituation exercises can be linear but they can have multiple directions and they don’t necessarily have to have resistance, they simply move in a newly developed ranges to get the body accustomed to those ranges. This section presents the Movement and Habituation Techniques for Froward Bending.

4 Full Sample Tested and Retested Routines for Each Level of Forward Bending Flexibility:
Very Advanced

Beginner Forward Bending

In this section you will learn a simple Beginner Forward Bending routine. This routine has been tested for beginners, adjusted so that its suitable for a beginner student who is lacking strength or flexibility to do more advanced techniques. This is a foundation routine and based on this routine Intermediate, Advanced and Very Advanced routines are based. Here you will learn how to approach a student who does not have any experience in forward bending or lacking a specific attribute such as strength, flexibility or awareness and needs to get initiated into forward bending.

Intermediate Forward Bending

In this section you will learn the Intermediate routine. The intermediate routine is for someone who has practiced the forward bending for a while possibly by performing relaxed stretches or partner assisted stretches, possibly performing ZST’s and supporting exercises, but this is someone that has a little bit of experience with forward bending and when you get a student like that you would use this routine. So in this section you will learn what an intermediate forward bending lesson is.

Advanced Forward Bending

Here you learn Advanced Forward Bending routine. It is a sample routine for people that have been practicing for a while and have good understanding of which muscles need to relax and which muscles need to contract and looking to go deeper into forward bending. The advanced routine contains modalities incorporated into ZST’s thus allowing deeper stretches in the ZST’s, this is something that is not recommended to start with but rather for students that have an already good experience with the Zaichik Stretching Methodology.

Very Advanced Forward Bending

When you learn Very Advanced routine you will also use ZST’s with modalities, however the supporting exercises are going to change allowing the body to maintain deeper flexibility, thus allowing a student to continue advancement in their forward bending training. Each of the routines you will learn demonstrates two rounds, there is an increase of difficulty from round 1 to round 2 in each routine, so effectively there are 8 levels demonstrated in all 4 full routines.

Once you learn these 4 routines with experience you will be able to come up with your own routines and at the same time you will be able to apply any one of these routines to your students at their appropriate level and take them up the levels as they become stronger and more flexible.

Cool Down/Relaxed Stretches Options for Forward Bending

In this section you will learn how to cool the body down after a forward bending routine. Three cool down options are presented, the goal of the cool down is to relax all the muscles that have worked throughout the routine. Many people assume that it’s the antagonist muscles that need relaxes stretches at the end and this may be applicable somewhere else but in EasyFlexibility system, because we perform Extended Length Conditioning, Movement & Habituation and other exercises there’s also contraction in the muscle that is being stretched so they receive relaxed stretches at the end together with other muscles. The goal of relaxed stretches is not to increase the range of motion but to cool down the body and facilitate faster recovery.

EASY Forward Bending Certification Multiple Choice Questions Test

The test at the end of the seminar will check your understanding and make sure that you know the information well enough to be able to be certified and practice it and/or teach it to your students. The multiple choice questions will test how much you understand specific exercises, different concepts and also your understanding of how to put together specific routines for yourself or your students.
This certification course will allow you to teach proper Forward Bending development in the following setting:
Private one-on-one online sessions
Private one-on-one in studio sessions
Forward Bending specific group classes
Forward Bending Specific online classes
Splicing the material into general classes

This EASY FORWARD BENDING CERTIFICATION course consists of 14 Categories with 146 video segment lessons.

A follow along experience and easy navigation through the wealth of information so that you can learn, understand and be able to practice and/or teach forward bending!

This Course Contains:
  • Introduction to Forward Bending
  • Anatomy & Kinesiology of Forward Bending
  • ZST'S - Zaichik Stretching Techniques
  • ZST'S - Muscle Animations
  • Antagonist Short Range Conditioning
  • Movement and Habituation
  • Extended Length Conditioning
  • Reciprocal Inhibition
  • Beginner Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Advanced Level
  • Very Advanced Level
  • Cool Down Options
  • Certification Assessment Test

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What we are offering to you is a proper method:

  • A map that will guide you step by step till you reach your goal.
  • It will give you the necessary preparation so that you don't get injured.
  • It will adjust to your own particular needs the moment you start training and on the way when you "hit a plateau", and when you are almost there to give you that extra thrust.
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  • It will guarantee that you reach your goal safely in a timely manner.

This is what's included:

Gain access to a full and detailed Kinesiological explanation for every muscle in the human body responsible for Forward Bending. All of our Zaichik Stretching techniques are specific to individual muscles, focusing on their primary actions.

We bring you the most complete seminar for Forward Bending Mastery.

  • Detailed demonstration and explanation of each Zaichik Stretching Technique: Paul Zaichik will show all techniques on himself and his students for a simple structured layout of the content of the program. This will help you gain the necessary insight into each Zaichik Stretching exercise and the best way it’s done. An added benefit is the information given on the reasons behind every move, and best examples of performing it.
  • Detailed demonstration of Movement and Habituation, Extended Length Conditioning, Antagonist Short Range Conditioning and Reciprocal Inhibition.
  • Detailed demonstration of each routine: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Very Advanced.
  • A multiple choice questions test to assure your understanding of the material presented
  • CERTIFICATION to be able to teach all the information learnt to your students.
  • 2 FREE PROGRAMS of your choice: Your choice of two digital videos is an added bonus to obtaining this certification. It allows for a better idea of how Zaichik Stretching techniques are combined to form specific routines.
  • Access to a Private Support Forum: Believe it or not – this is one of the most important elements of a program as it forms the right attitude towards the program. Upon registration for the course you gain an access to the private support forum, where you have a 24-hour active community to share your experience with, ask questions and seek advice.

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