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This EasySplit Certification includes:
  • 24 lessons of very specific, original and high quality instruction.
  • Face-to-face instruction so that you can work from home as a flexibility instructor for dancers, gymnasts, coaches, martial artists, and all kinds of athletes.
  • Getting promoted for free on our social media (more than 250 thousand followers).
  • 3 extra programs of your choice out of our catalogue of over 100 products.

This could be the last possible destination to your split training and split teaching.


Because everyone who uses this program starts seeing results fast. Most people progress at a rate of 10 degress a month. (Full Split is 180 degrees)

How is this calculated and proven?

Three ways:
One: We tested volunteers. Friends AND Costumers were offered classes, some which are included in the seminar as sample classes.
Two: Our Beta Testing Teachers tested their students. These classes are available in the ElasticSteel University Network.
Three: We have an app that measures Splits angles and tracks progress. It's free and you can join thousands using it and tracking their progress. It's a great motivation tool for students and teachers alike. Feels great to know that what you are doing is working and you are on the way to full splits. AND you know when you will get your splits. Yes, the app calculates that too.

So why is this program so incredibly effective?

Because: There is no mystery. There is no guessing.

  • For each split, you know exactly what muscle you need to stretch.
  • Exactly how to stretch it.
    How many times to do it.
  • Exactly when.
  • Exactly how often.
  • Everything has been tested and retested and tested over again. Everything has been confirmed to work.
What you are getting with EasySplits Course is SPEED. Speed of progress. You want to see results each time? This is the method to do it.

You are also getting 'retention':

The notion of retention is a 6,000 pound Elephant in the Room. Anyone can get you few degrees more flexible. Anyone who knows a few things about stretching. As your body warms up, it loosens up. That is no secret. The BIG questions is; can you retain that flexibility? If you could, you would not be needing this seminar. You would have had your splits by now and so would everyone else. But the BIG BUT, here is when you cool down, you are tight again, as if no stretching took place.


Special Strength and movement exercises spliced skillfully into the a well-tailored routine.

The next thing you are getting, which is actually one of the most important things you are getting is safety. Nothing slows down the progress like an injury. You can almost have your split and BAM. Pull something. Muscles tighten up. Now you either stretch it and make it worse, and having to stop eventually anyway or waiting for weeks or months (depending on injury) to come back.

How does this system keep you safe and moving forward?

Special warm up exercises, well designed progression and a proper relationship of strength/flexibility ratio development.

Thousands of people around the world have used our Programs alone to get their splits. However the Programs are several years old. We are a research company, so we don't sit around. In the last 4 years. We have developed new techniques and improved the old. The largest contribution to high rate of stretching development has been a giant leap in flexibility retention.

This course allows the teacher to learn the method inside out. To really know. To know as much as the founder knows. To remove any vagueness from the path to a full split.

Honestly, though, this course is not for everyone. Especially not for a regular person who wants to get a little more flexible. It's for sports/fitness professionals. This course is an investment of time and money, just like any other course that is teaching something unique and useful.

24 lessons, is a lot of information. That is a large course and takes about 1 month to complete. (Not a 8 hour fly-by, weekend workshop).

Why would someone spend such a long time to take this course?

There are usually three reasons.

  1. To help students improve. Regardless of what you teach dance or gymnastics or cheerleading. Lack of flexibility holds your students or athletes back. It's no secret. You want them to improve, you want them to win. No more needs to be said.
  2. To learn stretching in great depth. Learning is opposite to guessing. You could be one of the many people who is tired of guessing. What to do, what not to do. Does this work, does that work? ... This course presents all the cutting edge info to you on the silver platter. You get the point.
  3. To start earning extra income. This may not be as "honorable" as the two reasons above, but we live in society where more income does not hurt, actually helps. Many of the beta teachers started splits classes in their studios. A split class is just a class focused on the splits. If you still don't know how popular splits are, you may be in the wrong place. Everyone wants them. A split class is the easiest class to fill with students.

If you are interested in the course. Here is a very short summary of what it contains:

Below you will find a brief description of the course contents:

1- Anatomy and Kinesiology of Splits

In this course you will learn the latest scientific approaches to mastering all 3 splits. The first lesson is an in-depth kinesiological analysis for each split: true front, open front and side splits. You will also get an overview of the modalities and combination of techniques used in the course.

2- Splits Specific Conditioning

Proper Conditioning allows the muscles "to listen to you", recover quicker, and minimize the chance of injuries if you were to overdo on something. In this second lesson, we present 3 different difficulty level workouts for the purposes just mentioned. While the focus is on the lower body, upper body is also targeted.

3- Warm Up for Splits Training

While this sounds simple and self explanatory, not all warm ups are the same. Jumping jacks or jump rope is better than no warm up at all, but it's not as effective as split specific warm up. So we made a full lesson on this.

4- Zaichik Stretching Techniques

These techniques break each split into the individual muscles participating in each split. They are then targeted one by one, using special exercises. Lessons 3, 6 and 9 focus on each individual split.

5- Movement and Habituation Techniques

Once the body is warmed up and muscles are stretched, movement takes place in the newly formed range, for the neuromuscular and nervous system to accept the new position as normal and comfortable.

6- Reciprocal Inhibition and Alternating Contract Release

These techniques trick the mechanisms that prevent stretching, allowing the joint angles to open up. A 17-minute long lesson containing over 10 exercises show you how to do this.

7- Specialized Strength Exercises (Extended Length Conditioning, Antagonist Short Length Conditioning and Peripheral Conditioning)

These exercises develop strength for various muscles participating in the splits. Depending on their position, they may be contracting in short, long or neutral ranges. Overall these exercises develop pliability (more flexibility at the start of the workout and faster progress to deep ranges). They also allow to move past the deep ranges. Lessons 4, 7 and 10 teach the strength techniques for each split.

8- Sample Lessons

We recorded 9 full lessons, 3 for each kind of split. These lessons were made so that you see several different practical applications of the techniques in real life contexts and with people from different skill levels and backgrounds.

9- Relaxed Stretching: Cool Down Routines

It is not recommended to try to increase flexibility every day. In other words Zaichik Stretching techniques and other techniques that amplify flexibility should not be done 7 days a week. However relaxed stretches should be performed to cool down and speed up recovery. You will learn how to do this, and you will be able to pick 3 different difficulty levels.

Summarizing: This course teaches the fastest approach to splits. To start click the BUY NOW button below!

  • 24 lessons of very specific, original and high quality instruction.
  • Face-to-face instruction so that you can work from home as a flexibility instructor for dancers, gymnasts, coaches, martial artists, and all kinds of athletes.
  • Getting promoted for free on our social media (more than 250 thousand followers).
  • 3 extra programs of your choice out of our catalogue of over 100 products.

PLUS Exciting New Stretch180 App Features!

The biggest features that we've added is for EasyFlexibility Instructors.

Once you are an EasyFlexibility Certified Instructor you will find this feature to be incredibly valuable. This feature alone will up your student retention, help you stay organized and keep track of your students progress!

This feature allows you to keep a record of all of your clients picture progress with dates, measurements, their contact info, and what's even more important the ability to send this progress to your clients anyway that you choose to do so. You can send them an email to keep them engaged with the training, or text message to their phones etc.,

After purchasing our Certification course, If you are interested in having this feature activated for you please send an email to info@easyflexibility.com with a request. (This feature is not automatic and will need to be manually turned on for you, so be sure to let us know if you want to have access to this feature).

And now for the fun part, here are a couple of screen shots of what this new feature looks like:

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EasyFlexibility Certification Training
This course contains: 
Access to a full and detailed Kinesiological explanation for every muscle in the human body. All of our Zaichik Stretching techniques are specific to individual muscles, focusing on their primary actions.
Plus 2 FREE PROGRAMS of your choice: Your choice of two digital videos is an added bonus to obtaining this certification. It allows for a better idea of how Zaichik Stretching techniques are combined to form specific routines.
EasySplits Certification Training Clasic Edition
This course contains: 
24 lessons of very specific, original and high quality instruction. Face-to-face instruction so that you can work from home as a flexibility instructor for dancers, gymnasts, coaches, martial artists, and all kinds of athletes.
 Getting promoted for free on our social media (more than 250 thousand followers), PLUS 3 extra programs of your choice out of our catalogue of over 100 products.
Super Splits Combo
This package contains 12 programs:
Standing Front Split
Standing Side Split
Lord of the Dance Pose
Side Split Beginner
Side Split Intermediate
Side Split Advanced
True Front Split Beginner
True Front Split Intermediate
True Front Split Advanced
Open Front Split Beginner
Open Front Split Intermediate
Open Front Split Advanced

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