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"Did not have to wait that long for results This is a DVD that teaches how to stretch two hamstrings of both legs together. When purchasing this DVD, I decided to give it 2 month to see the results. Did not have to wait that long at all. It took me about 3-4 weeks to go from barely touching my toes with my finger tips to holding my feet firmly. The best part of this DVD is no pain. I have tried many different ways of stretching before. Ballet, yoga, pilates, PNF. The worst part for me was pain and chronic soreness and little progress. I can't say that the progress was not there, but it was very slow and hated every minute of it. The stretches in the DVD never gave me a sensation that my muscles will rip. I wish these DVD was available before. Thank you for making it." ~ Rosa Caruba

Hamstring Double Forward Bend

Testing the flexibility of both hamstrings at the same time has been known as the standard bench mark of flexibility for generations. In yoga this position is practiced standing, sitting, laying down, etc. Here is a list of some of them. Padangusthasana (Big Toe Pose), Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend), Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend).
Besides Yoga, being able to stretch both hamstrings at the same time comes in hand in variety of sports. From Diving to Gymnastics, From Dance to Martial Arts, etc.

The challenge here is obvious. Two legs have to be stretched at the same time, with all the muscles restricting the hip flexion, are now times two. Because of such a high resistance, trying to master double hamstsrings stretch incorrectly, will force the more flexible part of the body to give, and unfortunately that is the lower back. In other words, standard forced stretch method, bring a high level possibility of injured lower back.
Here is another reason that makes this hamstrings flexibility position so difficult. You CAN'T cheat. When stretching one leg, you can twist the spine, move the leg to allow the lateral hams to shorten, etc. Can't do that with double forward bend. The frequently tight lateral hamstrings will show itself.

We recommend that you take a look at the Single Leg Hamstrings Programs first, prior to starting this program. If you can hold your toes in double legged forward bend and need a way to progress, than you can use this program.

More than a dozen of them want to stop you from achieving your double hamstrings stretch. Once they are isolated, Zaichik Stretching and reciprocal inhibition is used to bypass the stretch reflex and lengthen the muscles, quickly and easily.
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Let us show you how you can dramatically improve your Hamstring Double Forward Bend, steadily, safely, painlessly and quickly with the use of the ZST.

You can start right now! This program is online! -You can watch from any device. - Get support from our private group of students. - Lifetime access. Here's what you'll get:

  • An online video containing the follow along routine plus explanations before each exercise.
  • The routine contains joint mobility warm-up, conditioning exercises to prepare your muscles , Zaichik Stretching Techniques for each single muscle involved, strength and supporting exercises and a cool down section.
  • LifeTime Online for you: - You can watch from any device.
    - Get support from our private group of students.
    - Lifetime access.

Specific Hamstring Double Forward Bend Warm-Up & Conditioning Techniques

The routine begins with mobility exercises, followed by specific warmup and conditioning techniques that will prepare your body for the special stretching techniques that follow. Not only that, these exercises will also make your newly gained flexibility permanent, they will speed up flexibility gains as well as make you strong and in control of your body. You'll feel lighter than ever!

Unique Zaichik Stretching Techniques

Thanks to the Target & Leverage mechanism (unique to the ZST approach), these techniques are the most natural way to stretch. Since the stretch reflex is avoided, pain is not present, and results are visible right away.

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