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Cricket Bowling Shoulder and Upper Body Flexibility Training – EasyFlexibility
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​When Cricket bowler things of flexibility, the first work that comes to mind is; SHOULDER. While Bowling a ball is a total body commitment, with core and legs doing a large part of the pitch, a strong and flexible shoulder allows for a correct technique.

​A Cricket Bowl is unique in it's biomechanics. Compared to other throwing sports, such as football or javelin, the bowl involves more muscle fibers in the upper body and more extreme range positions of the shoulder joint. Having external and internal rotators stretch within split second of each other puts severe strain on the joint, and a large risk.

​To minimize the risk, caution range of motion needs to be present were possible. On the top of that maximum strength needs to be developed and connected to the middle ranges.  

The standard approach is to stretch the shoulder in standard anatomical movements. Resistance band, cable and dumbbell work is done for the rotator cuff as well as the deltoid.

​This program takes a different approach. For maximum flexibility gains, the Zaichik Stretching Techniques are used. All the movers of the scapula and shoulder are taken apart and stretched one by one, using action vs action of each muscle.

This allows for fast and painless flexibility gains, without cooling down effect of standard relaxed stretches. (Cooling down effect, make the tissue relaxed, reduced the contractibility, reduced performance and puts the shoulder under high chance of injury, due to inability to contract in time to protect the joint.) At the same time specific exercises are used to blend the newly developed ranges of motion to the existing one's, so that an athlete can quickly operate in the new ranges, thus benefiting the performance.

If you want an edge over your competition in your bowlers, this is a program to do it.

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