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Baseball Pitching Lower Body Flexibility Training – EasyFlexibility
Baseball Pitching Lower Body Flexibility Training
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Lower Body Flexibility For Baseball Pitchers 
​Just like healthy mobile shoulder is a must for a top pitcher, so is the hip. Each phase of the pitch, from the wind up to the follow through can be improve through hip flexibility training.  

The Wind Up
​ At this phase the contra-lateral hip is flexed. Depending on technique, the knee angle varies. Lack of hip extensors flexibility in the left hip or the right handed pitcher, can take the whole technique out of alingment. The most common way this happens, is when the spine is forced to flex to compensate for lack of hip mobility. This breaks the proper weight distribution in the base of support (right foot.)

​ This phase calls for the flexibility of the adductors of both legs early in the phase, and of the rear inner hip flexors later in the face. Lack of flexibility cases short step. Not taking a full possible step prevents full weight transfer between feet.

Late Cocking/Acceleration
​ At this stage the body moves forward into the left leg. A complete weight trainsfer, is only unopposed when the right hip flexors allow for full needed range of motion.

Follow Through
​At this stage glute flexibility of the left leg is called upon. Having stretched muscles, allow for complete rotation. The more flexible the out hip muscles, the more fluid the movement through release of the ball. This last split second usually controls the precision.

Our program uses Zaichik Stretching Techniques for fast flexibility gains. In addition, strength exercises are shown to allow the body to accept and keep newly gained flexibility.    

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