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Baseball Hitting Upper Body Flexibility Routine – EasyFlexibility
Baseball Hitting Upper Body Flexibility Routine
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While a perfect swing of the bat involves much lower body and core effort, shoulder flexibility must be paid attention to. Flexible shoulder and shoulder girdle allows the batter to move the torso more, prior to initiating the arm swing.This accounts for two things.


1. Greater acceleration of the bat. The longer bat can accelerate the more force it will deliver upon impact.

2. Ability to produce force in greater range of motion. It's a common knowledge that the muscles are not very strong in their end ranges. If the batter makes a mistake and has to correct it in mid-swing, this factor is very helpful. It will allow the athlete to initiate the arm action just a split second later, and still hit with a lot of power.

General baseball stretching routine involve static stretches stretches. More advanced coaches use dynamic stretches. While the dynamic stretches don't like to decrease in muscle contraction speed, like their static counter parts, neither lead to quick flexibility gains. The biggest issue is the stretch reflex. Pain caused by this reflex stops many athletes from developing range of motion.

​Zaichik stretches on the other hand, avoid the pain of the stretch reflex. On top of that they only focus on the muscles needed for the swing, and in the ranges where flexibility is needed most. Together with stretches, strengthening exercises are used in this routine to keep the newly developed range of motion and make it useful for the athlete right away.

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