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So you want to master a Front Split. Or... Maybe you already have it?


Are your hips positioned right? Is there only one way to do a True Front Split (hips squared)? 

Short Article Below Makes Everything Crystal Clear

Technically a Split is when legs are 180 degrees to each other, forming a straight line.

In practicality, most people have one leg do a bit more than the other. Regardless of which split it is.

And while with Side Splits the discrepancy between sides is usually minor, it's not the case with the Front Splits.

Leaving all the other muscles aside for the purposes of simplification; Hamstrings of the Front Leg and Hip Flexors of the rear leg need to be lengthened to get into the True Front Split.

But how much does each need to lengthen? Well... Just enough. At least when non functional split is concerned.

And since most people have very rigid Hip Flexors, you can be sure that the hamstrings are going to pick up more than their share of the slack.

Of course, with flexible hamstrings and tight hip flexors, one will be sitting in a split bent forward and not vertical. But that's ok. Spine to the rescue. Hyper extending the spine is a very common compensation.

Oh by the way, can it be the other way around? Flexible hip flexors and tight hamstrings? It happens, but very rarely. You will know that the case, if someone is splitting with a straight back or even tilted pelvis to the posterior.

So you can do a split, relying mostly on your hams? What's a big deal. A split is a split. Right?

Well yes, but if the hams tighten up for some reason during a jump or drop into a split or even a cramp. Than what? You won't have a room to maneuver. And a chance of injury is pretty high.

This is not to mention that flexible hip flexors will allow you to over split, without putting extra pressure on these hams.

And we all know, the more range you have, over what you need, the more stronger, more endured and more graceful your techniques will look.

So here is what we recommend

1- Have your split already?

2- Don't have your split yet?

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