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Hip Flexors Flexibility – EasyFlexibility
Hip Flexors Flexibility

This program focuses on general anatomic hip extension flexibility

This means the movement of the hip in purely sagital plane. No actions in coronal or transverse plane take place. Each of the hip flexors is adressed separately together with other muscle groups, which can restrict hip extension.

Note: This program may not be the target program for you. If you are looking for hip flexors flexibility for a specific skill, it makes more sense to get a program for that specific skill. Check out the dance, martial arts, gymnastics and other sections.

The reason for this is because not all hip flexors and their synergists need to be targeted the same way for every possible technique or sport. Some skills require rotation, horizontal abduction or horizontal adduction together with extension. While a general hip flexors program will help anyone who has tight hip flexors, it may not work as well as a specialized program, which targets the specific muscles used in the skill, working on both strength and flexibility. 

How to know if this program is for you

For many people the use of this program is its patented Zaichik Streching techniques and their difference from standard stretches. One of the large problem with mainstream stretching techniques is that, if you can't stretch, you don't know what is holding you back. In terms of the hip flexors, it can be:

  • Sartorius,
  • Rectus Femoris,
  • Tensor Fasciae Lata,
  • Pectenius,
  • Psoas or Illiacus.
  • It can also be upper Adductors or even Gluteus Minimus. If one is tight, the rest will not move.

Zaichik Stretches allow you to get each one by itself and lengthen much faster, once you know where the problem is

However Zaichik Stretching is much more than just isolation positions. The beauty of the techniques is the ability to avoid the pain (sometimes bad enough to prevent progress) or the stretch reflex. EasyFlexibility concepts allow for the muscle to be moved from a number of its distinct actions, each creating a space in the muscle, allowing the other action to move deeper into the stretch.

The only way to experience Zaichik Stretching techniques is to actually try them and watch the results. Get Your Hip Flexors Flexibility Program Today!

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