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Baseball Beginner Combo – EasyFlexibility
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This package contains the following programs:

  • Pitching Upper body

  • Hitting Upper body

  • Pitching Lower body

Baseball Pitching Shoulder & Upper Body Flexibility

This program takes a different approach. For maximum flexibility gains, the Zaichik Stretching Techniques are used. All the movers of the scapula and shoulder are taken apart and stretched one by one, using action vs action of each muscle. This allows for fast and painless flexibility gains, without cooling down effect of standard relaxed stretches.

Baseball Hitting

The biggest issue is the stretch reflex. Pain caused by this reflex stops many athletes from developing range of motion. Zaichik Stretches on the other hands, avoid the pain of the stretch reflex. On the top of that they only focus on the muscles needed for the swing, and in the ranges where flexibility is needed most. Together with stretches, strengthening exercises are used in this routine to keep the newly developed range of motion and make it useful for the athlete right away.

Lower Body Flexibility

Just like healthy mobile shoulder is a must for a top pitcher, so is the hip. Each phase of the pitch, from the wind up to the follow through can be improve through hip flexibility training. Our program uses Zaichik Sstretching Techniques for fast flexibility gains. In addition, strength exercises are shown to allow the body to accept and keep newly gained flexibility. 

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