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Glutes, Abductors and Iliotibial Band – EasyFlexibility

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" is an excellent stretch program. It is completely different from what I have ever tried. The stretches are explained and demonstrated in an easy to follow way. I feel much looser after each stretching session. Thank you ! " Bob R.

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Here's a Zaichik Stretching Technique called ~Reliance~ taken from this program. It works on piriformis muscle:
The Iliotibial Band has become a household name among, competitive athletes and weekend warriors alike. Runners, cyclists as well as other repetitive sports athletes often live with ITB pain or injury concern.

The Iliotibial Band runs outside the upper leg, with both Gluteus Maximus and Tensor Fasciae Latae pulling on the band. The overplay of glutes/abductors is so great with the ITB, that it is best to address them together.

​There are 5 muscle groups located in the area. Their actions balance each other in Flexion/Extension, and Rotation. (Gluteus Minimus, Medius, Maximus, Deep Six External Rotators, and Tensor Fasciae Latae).

This program addresses each one employing Zaichik Stretching techniques:

  • The ability to take each muscle apart and focus on the problematic one is the hallmark of Zaichik Stretching techniques.
  • Avoidance of the stretch reflex, and quick easing of the muscle is another.
This basically means, more range of motion, in a natural way, without pain, and very quickly.

This program is employed to ease iliotibial band syndromes and hip and piriformis syndromes. Many athletes who tried this program have felt quick relief of tension and pain. (Please consult with your doctor before engaging in a new physical training program).

You can have a quick look at the program contents here:

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