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Gymnastics Front Lever Mastery – EasyFlexibility

Gymnastics Front Lever Mastery

Front Lever is a beautiful skill attesting to one's core, back and triceps strength. It's been said that for thousands of people who can do over 20 push ups, only a few can hold a front lever. The reason for those odds is not so much strength, but progression. Not many athletes know how to progress to the desired front lever.

It's a fact that the same progression sequence does not work the same for everyone. The reason for this has to do with individual strengths and prior training. A bodyweight athlete with strong core will have different challenges than a pro-rower with upper strong back.

Our program offers many different progression for unique needs of each trainee. At the same time, additional exercises are included to help break through plateaus. To top that off, special conditioning exercises are taught. These exercises allow the athletes to progress fast and avoid injuries.

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