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False Grip Flexibility Training for Gymnastic Rings Work – EasyFlexibility

False Grip Flexibility Training for Gymnastic Rings Work

False Grip is a gripping technique used in gymnastics and recently in other forms of bodyweight training, such as the "Street Workout".

False grip has many applications

Any serious ring work, such as muscle up requires false grip. Other elements such as Front Lever and Iron Cross, can benefit from a perfected false grip. Bar work benefits from false grip as well. If you don't have it right now, you maybe surprised what false grip training can do to even basic exercises such pull ups. Not to mention muscle ups.

While overall grip strength helps to stabilize the false grip in place. Wrist extensors flexibility is absolutely crucial to being able to get a false grip on the bar or on the rings. General wrist stretches are often used to build up to false grip. Those try to stretch all the muscles together, often collapsing into the joint. Kinesiological stretches separate out each extensor of the wrist and fingers, and stretches them kinesiologically. Action vs action of the same muscle is used, this allow the stretch to be fast, safe and pain free. The results are obtained without the pain of the stretch reflex.

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