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Training Flexibility

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How long will it take you to get your split or any other flexibility related skill?

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Take your flexibility to the next level! Watch this short video with some stretching tips...                                   Let us help you achieving your flexibility goals. Zaichik Stretching focuses on muscles. Each specific muscle does something unique. Isolating the muscle not only allows to focus on it, but also to use it's various actions to create space for each other, hastening the stretching and elongation process. On top of that, Zaichik Stretching allow application of other modalities, making them much more effective. (Isometric Stretching, PNF, Reciprocal Inhibition, Extended...

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Unlock Your Psoas for Better Skating Spins

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Figure skating requires a delicate balance of strength and flexibility. To complete your high level jumps and spins, a tight “air position” is necessary. This translates to tight hips and glutes. In contrast, for beautiful and effortless spirals, split jumps and spins, such as the Biellmann, flexibility is necessary, specifically flexibility in your iliopsoas muscle. The psoas is the major muscle that connects your spine to your legs. It plays an important role in backbends and splits, which is important for most skating spirals and spins. For backbends, a released psoas will allow the front of the thighs to lengthen...

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