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EasyFlexibility Customers Interviews

EasyFlexibility Customers Interviews

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EasyFlexibility Podcasts - Customers Experience

Look At How EasyFlexibility Programs Work For Our Customers.

"Feels like a much smarter way of stretching, I feel overall much healthier, my body is more capable, prepared and happy."

"A huge difference, exactly what I was looking for, the stretching program works so well."

"I really feel like I'm truly elongating the muscles, I'm getting the stretch that I need."

"I said why not? So I downloaded the developpe a la seconde program and I really liked it, I really enjoyed it, it gave me a very good understanding of my body."

In this episode Jennifer Burton interviews Gina Belli about her rapid success with EasyFlexibility programs!
Watch, Enjoy, Learn, Get Inspired...

"I did the turnout (program) one time, and my turnout was perfect."

Not all dancers need flexibility? Watch this short interview and decide for yourself!

"I need to take very good care of my body and I need to keep it very well conditioned, and the EasyFlexibility program definitely does that for me."

Are you STILL NOT FLEXIBLE, because you are NOT using Kinesiological Stretching Techniques?

"I got them (my students) to do a few reps of this exercise and they were amazed they could see the progress from one rep to another."

Jennifer interviews Brian. Take a look!

"I tried the injury prevention for runners program it opened up my hips and that in turn made and absolutely phenomenal difference to my lower back" 


Customer Interviews: Stephanie McAllister. Listen to her experience with the EasyFlexibility method.

" I thought I'm just gonna do the certification programs because you get a free video or whatever then I got that and I noticed the difference right away"

In this video we interview Veronica Hughes about her experience with some of the programs and how much of an impact they have made on her skills.

"I've been seeing an improvement in my hip flexor flexibility it is yeah, I have really enjoyed the program and I even have my husband help doing some of the hip stretches with me as well"

We bring you an Interview with Jasey. A Martial Arts and dancer, Jasey shared with us how the programs have changed the way he trains and the new level he has been able to reach thanks to them!

"I was really surprise with the retention and the progress and I was like this had never happened with any other program so I am really, really happy with it"

We bring you Shannon, she is a dancer and owns her own dance studio where she teaches her students. Shannon shared with us how the programs have changed the way she trains and how she has been able to help her students thanks to them!

"They use kinesiological stretched and its so much better for your body and the chances of an injury is so less"

Shyra shared with us how the programs have changed the way she trains and how she has been able to develop her splits with our videos also how she learned about hip flexibility!

"He is different, his understanding of the body has made me really understand everything about the hips, how tight we are, wow! like my hips are open and fresh, everyday more!"

We have here Simon, he shared with us how the programs have helped him get better kicks and improve in his martial arts. 

"I really like the idea that you can dip into what you want at you know, generally a really good price"

In this interview with Marcos shared with us the way our videos have helped him gain his flexibility and help with his martial arts.

"They sent me the 5 gem of flexibility i think is the name of the one that, little package of stages that it gives you for free and I started doing that and it was when my other instructors started saying, what are you doing to stretch because you look like you're getting more flexible than you were before"

Here we have Peter. He tell us today what easyflexibility has done to him. 

"I feel it was more space in my body that I could reach, it was on looking further"

This is Antonio. He tell us today what easyflexibility has done to him.

" Its so easy on the body as well, there is no soreness the next day, no trouble and you can literally train stretch every day"

We have Valerie speaking about her progress with us

"I encourage people to use it, it's so good and I love it"

This new interview is with Breton, she has made great progress with our product according to her testimony.

"I saw all a sudden 3 inches farther, and I'm not exaggerating! I made significant progress."

On our Customer Interviews Blog Video we bring you an Interview with Kaci. 

"Even if you're the most flexible dancer, if you don't have the strength, flexibility won't be really useful. That's what I love about Easy flexibility, it's not just stretching, it's also trying to strengthen the muscles "

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