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Dance Life

Injury Edition: Good Pain VS Bad Pain - Muscles

Posted by EasyFlexibility Team on

More often than not, dancers focus on flexibility and strength in order to avoid injury. A dancer constantly pushes the body to the extreme and if this intense regime is not carefully monitored, injury is more likely to occur. “No pain, no gain” is not always the best mantra, but many dancers, known for their commitment to the art, keep pushing through.   How can you tell if you are simply feeling sore or if you are feeling the pangs of an injury? It takes experience and a keen sense of body awareness to sift out injury from daily soreness...

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Carmen through the years.

Posted by Anahi Rubiodh on

Left side: Alicia Alonso. This picture is from the ballet "Carmen" in which she performed for the first time in 1965. Right side: "Carmen" on a more current performance by Svetlana Zakharova. What do you  think about this picture? Which version do you like the most? Leave us your thoughts in the comment.   Check out today's program for side developpes!  http://easyflexibility.com/collections/ballet/products/developpe-a-la-seconde-all-levels

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Getting Back to Dance Classes

Posted by temporary account on

There’s a saying that goes by “Once a dancer, always a dancer”. Maybe you started dance as a kid, maybe as a hobby, maybe you tried to get to a professional level with it but somehow life got in the way, or maybe you were a professional and for whatever reason you had to stop dancing. One thing is for sure, even if you stop dancing for whatever reason, the love for it never goes away.   Having stopped dancing for a couple years myself, I know what it’s like to watch a ballet and feel nostalgic, to feel the...

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