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Want to be flexible? Sometimes you need to go beyond stretching the mu – EasyFlexibility

Want to be flexible? Sometimes you need to go beyond stretching the muscle

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In this article we'll talk about a very unique stretching technique called ~Harmony~ (the ~Name~ in between tildes "~     ~" indicates a Zaichik Stretching Technique ZST).

A Unique Technique

To be fair each ZST is unique because they are structured to go against the line of pull of a specific muscle, while positioning the body to move the target and leverage with least resistance.

However ~Harmony~ does something other ZST does not do. It's not purely a muscle stretch. 

Here is what ~Harmony~ looks like

The articulation of the ankle is leveraged against the hip joint. If you know anything about  anatomy, you would see right away that there are no muscles connecting the hip and the ankle. And yet, this ZST have helped many people get flexible hamstrings.

How can this be?

Through pure trial or observation we know that that pulling the toes up, places extra stretch on the hamstring. Pointing the toes, releases this pull.

Try it now:

  • Simply sit down or place a straight leg on the chair and reach for your toes. Feel the stretch. Next pull the toes toward you. Feel the stretch increase? Why is that?

Well, you see there are other tissues that run through out the body. Skin, Fascia, Nerves,etc These tissues also participate in the equation of flexibility.

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