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Ballet Perfect Posture Program – EasyFlexibility

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Ballet Perfect Posture Program

ballet posture

Having a perfect posture is one of those things that everyone talks about, yet very few know how to get. Often general terms like "Do more Yoga", or "Take Pilates Class" come to mind. The problem? Too many exercises and non are specific enough to improve the way a person bears his or her body. 

ballet posture

We fix this issue by focusing on all aspects of poor posture. Head thrown back, chin stuck forward, upper and middle back form a convex ball, arm rotated in, scapulas protracted, etc.

Our combination of proprietary kinesiological stretching and strengthening exercises reverse the effect of gravity and years of self neglect. Each section of the body concentrated on and taken care off piece by piece. It takes at most few weeks before the person begins to look better and most importantly to feel better. 

ballet posture

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