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Skiing Flexibility Training – EasyFlexibility
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​There are many attributes that set an expert skier apart from an average enthusiast. Strength, endurance, agility, balance and of course flexibility. An expert spends many hours working on these abilities off the slopes. It is virtually impossible for a skier to have poor flexibility and be great at his craft. There are two major reasons of why stretching is so beneficial to skiing.

1. Injury Prevention
During each and every turn and angle, skiers muscles find themselves in lengthened position. Adductors, abductors, hip flexors and plantar flexors take the bulk of the action. Hamstrings and core can be lengthened as well. Each time a muscle is lengthened, it has to contract from a deep stretch, to pull the body back into the vertical position. If the muscles are at the end of their range, that contraction can cause injury. On the hand if there is extra cushion, due to flexibility the muscles can pull the body safely into proper position.

2. Improved Performance
​ The same priciple that prevents injuries, also the quality of the skills. Muscles are strongest in their mid ranges. A stretched muscle is much weaker than the one acting in the center of it's length. A tight skier works the muscles in stretched position. While the flexible skiers body functions very differently. Stretching allows the same exactly skills to be carried out in mid ranges. This is because deep ranges, now became workable middle range.                
Skiers often use basic stretches taken from yoga. Most of those are relaxed stretches, which slow down and relax the body. Not favorable characteristics when going on the slopes. Zaichik Stretching techniques don't have that effect. They develop flexibility much faster, without slowing the muscles down. At the same time Zaichik Stretching techniques avoid the pain of the stretch reflex.

This program also include strength exercises to help retain the flexibility and use it correctly while skiing.Skiers using this program reported ease of movement and faster recovery after matches.

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