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Shoulder Mobility And Flexibility Training For Swimming – EasyFlexibility
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Regardless of the stroke or technique, a swimmer is lost without a healthy, mobile shoulder. Each and every swimming program should include shoulder strength, mobility and awareness techniques. There is absolutely no doubt that injury happens in part due to poor technique. However very often a good technique requires optimum shoulder range of motion in the first place.

All it takes is one muscle. A tightness in any shoulder girdle or shoulder joint muscle can through off the whole chain. The result is compensation. Other muscles have to work harder. Eventually they will end up being strained. If not, than a joint will be pulled out of position. Poor joint traction will eventually put pressure on the biceps tendon, supraspinatus tendon, bursa, etc.

​Standard swimming range of motion exercise usually involve dynamic shoulder warm up in the best case scenario. In the worst, relaxed, cold stretches are employed. Later slow down muscle contractions. While former simply stretch the loosest muscles and don't do much for the tightest one. So flexible muscles become more flexible, but tighter one's remain tight. Eventually this leads to imbalance, but on the surface it looks like the shoulder is more mobile.

​Our program employs Zaichik Stretching techniques. Each muscle is stretches separately. This allows to find the problem is deal with it specifically. At the same time, the pain of stretch reflex is avoided. (Stretch reflex is the reason, why muscle resist stretching.) Finally we include strength exercises. They protect the shoulder in the volnurable ranges. They also allow the flexibility to be maintained and transferred over into swimming techniques. Swimmers why tried out program just for few session, reported more relaxed, more efficient and easier swimming.        

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