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Diving, Gymnastics Tuck, Pike Position Mastery – EasyFlexibility
Diving, Gymnastics Tuck,  Pike Position Mastery

Pike and Tuck Positions are common body positions used in various sports. Most common use of pike and tuck can be witnessed in Diving, Gymnastics and Trampolining.

A tuck can be described as a person rolling into a ball. Knees are bent, and the upper legs pulled close into the body. A pike is a straight legged position, with a maximum flexion at the hips.​

At tuck position requires flexibility of the glutes and lower adductors. Flexible spine extensors are a plus. A pike adds a need for flexible hamstrings.

​However often flexibility is not enough. Strength and control is required to utilize either position correctly. Those come from short range contraction of the flexors muscles.

Standard tuck and pike training involves relaxed stretches. Those work slowly and don't transfer well into the skills. Our program uses Zaichik Stretching Techniques. Each skill is quickly taken apart into individual muscle groups. Every muscle is stretched individually. Furthermore action vs action principle allows to avoid the stretch reflex. (The pain of the stretch reflex is what prevents athletes from become flexible fast.)

​Together with flexibility exercises, strength and control exercises are included. Those allow the flexibility to be readily transferred into various position in the air. Athletes using this routine, just for few sessions have reported improvement in their performances.

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