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Javelin Hip and Core Flexibility Development – EasyFlexibility
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Majority of the javelin throwers focus a bulk of their flexibility training on the shoulder. Of course shoulder flexibility is very important. Both for the longer transfer time and also for injury prevention. However the a larger force generating component comes from the lower body and the core.

Unlike many other throwing sports, where the throw is forward or down the javelin is projected up, much above the horizontal line. This requires unique biomechanics, and thus unique flexibility demands. Well stretched flexors and rotators of the core as well as hips, can position the body at the angle which will allow less restriction for the optimum arm delivery.

While majority of javelin programs include basic passive core and hip stretches, our tested program focus specifically on the muscles kinesiologically participating in the throwing technique. On top of that, our patented exercises allow the muscles to be stretched safely, pain-free, and fast. Finally unlike relaxed stretches, our Zaichik Stretches don't pacify the muscles, but keep the  optimum tension level for furthest throw possible.

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