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Cycling Lower Body Flexibility

We'll show you how to achieve fantastic Lower body Flexibility for Cycling!
Our programs are scientifically based and created by
a world renowned fitness & flexibility expert Paul Zaichik
Got my flexibility back after many years!
Years ago I was flexible enough to get into a right side split. Those days are long gone. With these three videos I hope to achieve splits in all directions. So far, my seated open front stretch has improved. I can just about lay flat on the floor when bending from the waist. I've also gained about an inch in my right side split and anticipate great results.
Cycling works all the major muscles of the leg.
Millions of people jump on the bike and ride without any thought about stretching. Competitive cyclists can afford the same luxury. Stretching can make a difference between winning the tour and coming in long after pictures are taken.

Take a look at this video to learn about Cycling Hip Flexibility and Range of Motion for Cycling

While cycling is not a flexibility driven sport, such a dance or gymnastics, professional riders have been taken advantage of flexibility training for decades, and here is why.
1. It's a common knowledge that looser muscles require less energy in aerobic activity.

In biking the muscles are usually flexible enough at the start of the ride, but with time they get naturally tighter. The looser they are in the beginning, the looser they will be in the middle or toward the end of the race. The rider with flexibility reserves is the one to be on.

2. Transfer into every day life and other activities.

Cycling, just like running is known to tighten up the athlete. Tighter muscles mean, everything from back injuries to pulled and torn muscles, if you do any other streneus or athletic activities. This can be playing basketball or lifting a heavy box.

3. Strength is in the mid range.

The muscles are designed to have the most strength (and endurance) in the middle of it's range. This means weaker muscle at long range or short range. A tight cyclist is work in the long range all the time. Flexibility training allows him to work in the middle range, which means more energy reserves, and easier movement. Thus more endurance.
Most cycling stretching programs focus on relaxed stretches and recently few focus on dynamic stretching. The latter is good as a warm up and former is helpful in the cool down. However neither one is a faster flexibility gainer. Zaichik Stretching Technqiues do things differently. They work action against action of the same muscle, allowing fast flexibility gains. Most importantly without the pain of the stretch reflex. These techniques can be used to warm up for the right, to cool down from the ride, or to relax the muscles and get a second wind right in the middle of the ride.

Avoid injury, improve your lower body flexibility!
Top Athletes do this all the time!
And now YOU can too!

General sports stretching routine involve static stretches. More advanced coaches use dynamic stretches. While the dynamic stretches don't like to decrease in muscle contraction speed, like their static counter parts, neither lead to quick flexibility gains. The biggest issue is the stretch reflex.

Our program uses Zaichik Stretching Techniques for fast flexibility gains. In addition, strength exercises are shown to allow the body to accept and keep newly gained flexibility.

But wait, there's More!

Let us show you how you can dramatically improve your flexibility steadily, safely, painlessly and quickly with the use of the ZST.

Zaichik Stretching Techniques are unlike anything you’ve ever done before!

Take 6 seconds and try this technique right now! This example focuses on the shoulder because it’s easy to do standing. Watch your shoulder get flexible in 6 seconds, try it now!

& Flexibility Method that will Change Your Life Forever!

The Magic of
the Zaichik Stretching Method
  • Scientifically designed by a world-renowned fitness & flexibility expert Paul Zaihick, with over 30 years’ experience in the field.
  • Isolates muscle actions one by one (to ensure they are doing their job).
  • Takes care of the muscles that are tighter first
  • Allows easier focus, since you are working on one specific area at a time
  • You can do it all on your own! No pushing or bouncing is necessary, not even a partner!
  • Remember that phrase “No Pain – No Gain?”, well it doesn’t apply to our method. Each stretch is designed to be PAIN-FREE! Thereby eliminating discomfort and allowing you to continue training to achieve faster results.
  • Totally safe, since it was designed according to what is natural for your body.
  • Gains are permanent and steady
  • It is very enjoyable to do
  • Results are visible right away since the stretch reflex is avoided, which means you’ll get to show off your flexibility in no time!

You can start right now! This program is online! -You can watch from any device. - Get support from our private group of students. - Lifetime access. Here's what you'll get:

  • An online video containing the follow along routine plus explanations before each exercise.
  • The routine contains joint mobility warm-up, conditioning exercises to prepare your muscles , Zaichik Stretching Techniques for each single muscle involved, strength and supporting exercises and a cool down section.
  • LifeTime Online for you: - You can watch from any device.
  • Get support from our private group of students.
  • Lifetime access.

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Extended Length Conditioning for Lower Body
This program contains: 
Extended Length Conditioning are a special exercise group. They take amuscle or a synergetic group of muscles and
strengthen them through full range of motion. ELC exercises are not stretches, but they are flexibility’s best friend. Unlike regular strength exercises, which work in the normal range, ELC connect the "normal" with the "new", deep range.
Self Pressure Massage Combo
This package contains 2 programs:
Self massage for Lower Body 
Self massage & Pressure for Upper Body

Our Programs gives a complete follow along routine to release every muscle in the upper and lower body. This ensures full stretching capacity and decrease chance of injury due to overcompensation of one muscle group for another.
Shoulder Combo 
This package contains 2 programs:
Overhead Shoulder Flexion
Shoulder Extension

Our proven program isolates each muscle of the shoulder joint and of the shoulder girdle. Every muscle action is used against it's own action to quickly create space. The whole procedure is fast and free of stretch reflex pain.

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