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True Front Split Test


True Front Split Test

In EasyFlexibility System, this is how we decide between the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced for the True Front Split. 

The intermediate should have 90 degrees at the hamstrings, or 90 degrees at the hip flexion. The best way to measure this is to do the following:

Front Leg:

  • To test your front leg Lie down on your back with both legs straight
  • Lift one leg straight up to the ceiling keeping it at 90 degrees, completely vertical 

If you are able to do this, then your front leg is at the intermediate level. If you are not able to hold your leg straight up at 90 degree angle then your front leg is at the beginner level. 

Back Leg:

To test the flexibility of the back leg's Adductors and Hip Flexors, and all the muscles that prevent the extension of the hip do the following: 

  • Get into the kneeling position 
  • Bend your leg at the knee and place it right against the wall with your toes touching the wall
  • Make sure that your shin is vertical, and that there is a straight line from shoulder to hip to knee

  • Once you are in this position, measure the length of your fist and move your back leg away from the starting position the length of your fist. 
  • While testing be sure to extend only from the hip, the spine should not be involved

  • Once you move your leg back, place both hands on your knee, keeping your arms fully extended with your elbows locked, keeping your body vertical at all times. 

  • Now move your body forward so that your knee touches the wall. If you can do this, it means that you are at the intermediate level. 

If you cannot do what is shown in this test then you are at the beginner level.

If you can do a full True Front Split and wish to move beyond it, then you are at the Advanced level.  


If you are at Beginner level, then this is the program for you:

If you are at Intermediate level, then this is the program for you:

If you are at the Advanced level, then this is the program for you: