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Open Front Split Test


Open Front Split Test

In EasyFlexibility, this is how we decide between the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced for Open Front Split. 

For the front leg:

  • Lie down on the side.
  • Assume an open front split position with your body sideways not forward. 
  • Lift your leg 
  • Place your hand on your heel
  • Make sure not to lift your body off the floor
  • Now look to see if you your fingertips are visible to you. Can you see your fingertips from this position? If so, then your front leg is at the intermediate level.
  • If you cannot wrap your hand around your heel to see the fingertips with a straight leg that means you're at the beginner's level. 

Please note: That this test is designed for a person with an average arm length ratio. If you have very long arms or very short arms you will need to adjust. In other words if you know that you have short arms your leg may be lifted higher off the ground, if on the other hand you have long arms your leg may be closer to the floor. The idea, is to test if you can see your fingertips in the position as shown above. 

For the back leg

  • Get into the ~Integrity~ Zaichik (formerly known as Kinesiological) Stretching Technique position. 

How to do it:

  • Get into a lunge position with one leg turned out
  • Now find the Head of Fibula, place your fingertips on it, once there, keep your body vertical. 
  • If you have shorter arms you would place your hands a little bit higher
  • If you have longer arms you can place your fingertips all the way to the floor

  • Now, keeping the body as vertical as possible, with your other hand reach all the way down to the pinky toe of your turned out leg.
  • if you can reach your toes with this hand this means that you are at the Intermediate Level. 

Please note: if you can do a full split, and wish to go beyond, then you would select an Advanced Open Front Splits Program. 


If you are at Beginner level, then this is the program for you:

If you are at Intermediate level, then this is the program for you:

If you are at the Advanced level, then this is the program for you: