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Level 2 Progression to Arabesque ZST

As promised here is LEVEL 2 Zaichik Stretching Technique called ~Discernment~ to help you improve your Arabesque.
Try it now!
Perform an Arabesque on both sides and remember the height of your leg. Take pictures if you like.
  • Your target for this ZST is the movement of the hips forward.
  • Your Leverage is pressing your hands into the wall and lifting
  • your torso higher
  • Lay down on your stomach with your head to the wall
  • Come up into the cobra and pull yourself slightly toward the wall
  • Place your palms on the wall
  • Your spine is hyperextended in the beginning of this exercise
  • Lift your hips off the floor so that there’s space between the floor and the hips – This is the Leverage.
  • As you drop your hips down to the floor, press your hands into the wall and lift your torso higher – This is the Target.
  • One more time, hyperextend your lower back aiming the glutes toward the ceiling, create space between your hips and the floor, as the Leverage
  • As you place your hips on the floor press your hands into the wall and move your upper body up and back a little bit more.
  • And one more time, Leverage, as you come back from the leverage press into the Target.

When done try your Arabesque one more time on each side and see the difference!

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Attitude Derrière or Back Attitude and Arabesque are Ballet/Dance positions usually strength trained via bar assisted leg lifts into the technique. The flexibility is attained via relaxed stretches.

This program takes a different approach.The flexibility resistance to these elements comes from medial hip rotators, hip flexors of the lifted leg and flexors of the core. Posterior tilters of the pelvis also offer resistance through the standing leg.
Watch The Anatomical Muscle Animation of The Arabesque and The Attitude Derriere
Unlike the standard time consuming passive stretch method, this routine employs Kinesiological Stretching techniques. Each of the muscles that prevent the successful Attitude Derriere and Arabesque is separated out and quickly lengthened, using one of its own actions against the other. Because no action is held for long, the stretch reflex is avoided and results are seen right away.
Since in Arabesque and Back Attitude it's the opposite muscles that hold the pose to the one's being stretched, reciprocal inhibition techniques are intervened with kinesiological stretches to master the skill even faster. You'll be surprised how fast easy results come using this method.

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