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We did a break down of each of the muscles that are involved in a split, if ONLY ONE of them is tight or weak, the split WON'T HAPPEN. What's worse, not only will you keep stretching and stretching, and yet nothing will happen, but stretching the wrong way can set you back for weeks due to injuries...

Then what's the SOLUTION...?

To use a method to PINPOINT which muscle is tight, and work on it, kinesiologically, which means targeting the issue in a way that is natural for your body. The ElasticSteel method allows you to do just that. Read On!

In the past most people tried to achieve their straddle split, by forcing the legs apart. Either using a partner, a stretching machine or their own bodyweight.

This method of course works, since many have gotten their split this way... through a lot of pain, suffering, plateaus, and injuries...

Our Method: ZST (Zaichik Stretching Techniques)

With ZST (Zaichik Stretching Technique) we can go even further and check with muscle is more flexible or tight and on which leg.

All you have to do is go through the program, try each exercise on both sides and right away you will know which one you need to work on the most.

No time wasting guessing what to do or why your training is not working!

We'll show you how to achieve a Side Split Fast, Safe and Easy!
Our programs are scientifically based and created by
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Ever wonder what muscles are involved in a Side Split?
Here's the answer:
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Got my flexibility back after many years!

Years ago I was flexible enough to get into a right side split. Those days are long gone. With these three videos I hope to achieve splits in all directions. So far, my seated open front stretch has improved. I can just about lay flat on the floor when bending from the waist. I've also gained about an inch in my right side split and anticipate great results.

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Here's what you'll get:

Video 1 : Follow along routines plus explanations before each exercise (duration: 41 minutes).
Video 2: Video without explanations to follow along without interruptions.
Video 3: Video containing only the explanations for the Zaichik Stretching Techniques for quick reference and review.
All videos contain subtitles for better understanding of the techniques and to make it easier for those who need help in understanding the spoken language.
Bonus: Access to Stretch180 app that will help you measure your progress, see how you stack up against the others stretching towards their splits and get motivated to keep going.

Contents of the Program

  • Mobility exercises for each joint, to keep your joints healthy and lubricated.
  • Specific warmup exercises to gradually prepare your body for a split.
  • Zaichik Stretching Techniques for each muscle involved in a split, so that your flexibility improves right away without pain.
  • Extended Length Conditioning exercises, so that you not only become flexible but strong as well.
  • Reciprocal Inhibition, plus Movement and Habituation Techniques, for functional flexibility.

Side Split Beginner Program

Beginner Program contains specific warm up and conditioning exercises for the Side Split, the necessary Zaichik Stretching exercises to target the muscles involved in an Side Split as well as a cool down section. This is a great place to start before attempting the usually more demanding open front and side splits. You will learn how to isolate and stretch outer hamstrings and hip flexors muscles.
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