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Badminton Advanced COMBO – EasyFlexibility
Badminton Advanced COMBO

This package contains the following programs:

  • Badminton Upper Body Flexibility
  • Tennis Lower Body Flexibility
  • Side Stretching/Bending - Beginner
Badminton Upper Body Flexibility

Due the unpredictability of badminton, the players arms can be in any possible position. If the range of motion is not there, points could be lost or worst. A player can injure the shoulder. For this reason flexible shoulders are a must. Our program develops quick badminton specific shoulder flexibility. At the same time, strength exercises are included. These exercise help to retain the flexibility and protect the shoulder in vulnerable position.

Tennis Lower Body Flexibility
Besides injury prevention being flexible always improves performance and decreases fatigue. (Those two are very much related.) In the last decade relaxed stretches have been replaced with dynamic stretches. While the later does not have the side effect of the former, in general neither is a quick flexibility developer.

Side Stretching/Bending - Beginner
Lateral Bending is often neglected compared to other targets of flexibility training, such as hamstrings or adductors. In our program a new and unique approach called Zaichik Stretching is taken. Each muscle is isolated and various actions are used against each other to create length. This allows to avoid the pain of the stretch reflex and speed up the flexibility gains

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