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Internal Hip Rotation

Side Line kicks are three kicks, the side kick, the roundhouse kick, and the hook kick. In most styles a correct form requires the internal rotation of the kicking leg at the hip joint. This is especially true in Olympic Taekwondo kicking, where the torso is kept upright and both legs are used interchangebly. Not allowing the torso to lean back during Olympic Taekwondo Roundhouse kick, forces the hip to be rotated medially to prevent a vertical kick, which would not deliver much force to the vertical target. 

A very common practice in Olympic Taekwondo schools is to do forced internal rotation hip stretches, such as the hurdles stretch leaning back. Many of which can be very dangerous and don't have a direct transfer into the kicking skill. Alternatively some school, tell their students that they should just keep kicking and eventually the kick will start to turn in.

There is a much faster and safer approach. This approach targets each of the external hip rotators individually. Addressed one by one, and using Zaichik Stretches, the results come very quickly. The pain of stretch reflex is avoided. At the same time, our program strengthens the internal rotators in key positions, so that a kick can be delivered with minimum effort. Get your Internal Hip Rotation For Taekwondo and Side Line Kicks Program Today! 




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