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Side Tilt Kick – EasyFlexibility

Side Tilt Kick

Side Pitch, Side Tilt or Pitch Kick is a dance technique that extends the leg straight up, while leaning away from the kick. This position most often resembles a vertical side split. Side Tilt is most commonly seen in modern dance.

To perform this technique correctly one needs good flexibility in adductors and hamstrings. Lateral core and hip flexor, as well as abductors control will allow the movement to look graceful. 

The purpose of this routine is to develop the above stated abilities so that the kick can be lifted slowly with control and for the icing on the cake held at the full split extended position. Traditional Side Tilt training involves basic stretches such as splits and doing the kicks fast and slow, as well as holding an extended kick. Those techniques have worked for many dancers, but excruciatingly slow.

Our program relies on kinesiological stretching and reciprocal inhibition. The former takes each involved joint apart into individual muscles and uses their actions against each other to lengthen the fibers with the pain of the stretch reflex. The later, trains the muscles to contract in the needed ranges, while allowing the supporting muscles to relax and move deep into needed positions.

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