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Front & Side Splits Complete Training (Combo 3 Videos) – EasyFlexibility
Front & Side Splits Complete Training (Combo 3 Videos)

Anyone can get full splits, so why haven't you got your splits yet?

Millions of people in the world trained for it, and got a nice flat split, no big deal. So again, why not you?! You've been training for it for so long, and so hard, and you want it so badly, why is it not happening yet even when you are sure you've tried every single approach out there? You may have even got injured a few times pushing a little too hard... You felt you improved on some days, but then you were back to square one...

You are starting to think that not all people can achieve it, that this is something you are born with, or for people with good genetics, or if you are a man you think only kids or women can achieve it, but if you are a woman reading this you know this is not the case, and if you have kids who need to do a split but are not able to do it yet you know this is not the case either. So no, drop all those excuses now!

The answer is: You have not been following a proper method, you just did the same wrong thing in many different ways, and we all know that doing something wrong in many creative variations and with a lot of effort will not give you good results, you will just become very good at doing it wrong.

What we are offering to you now is a proper method:

  • A map that will guide you step by step till you reach your goal.
  • It will give you the necessary preparation so that you don't get injured.
  • It will adjust to your own particular needs the moment you start training and on the way when you "hit a plateau", and when you are almost there to give you that extra thrust.
  • It will tell you what to do so you keep the progress you obtain on a training session.
  • It will develop your flexibility and strength at the same time so the new flexibility range you acquire will be functional and applicable to leg lifts, kicks, jumping splits sort of techniques, dance, gymnastics, yoga, cheerleading, martial arts techniques and so on.
  • It will guarantee that you reach your goal safely in a timely manner.

What is the difference between the EasyFlexibility’s Zaichik Stretching method and traditional approaches?

Traditional approach:

  • Many muscles are stretched at the same time.
  • One tight muscle fiber will hold everyone back.
  • Wider focus is required.
  • Great leverage and stamina is needed.
  • Pain has to be endured to some extent since the pain reflex is encountered.
  • Slow to produce gains.
  • High risk of injury.
  • Most gains are lost overnight, and plateaus are frequent.
  • Mostly static and not functional.
  • It is not fun and luckily most people just don't like this kind of exercise.


Zaichik Stretching:

  • Isolates muscles actions one by one.
  • Takes care of the ones that are tighter first.
  • Allows easier focus since you are working on one specific area at a time.
  • No pushing or bouncing is necessary, not even a partner.
  • Pain is not present at all.
  • Results are visible right away since the stretch reflex is avoided.
  • Totally safe, since it was designed according to what is natural for the body.
  • Gains are permanent and steady.
  • It is very enjoyable to do, and feels more like a workout.
  • Can be done in dynamic, static, active, relaxed, strength modalities and combinations of all, producing functional flexibility and catering for every type of body.

Zaichik Stretching in Practice

Try this exercise yourself and feel how it works! This is a sample exercise targeting the adductor magnus muscle, one of the muscles you need to work on to improve your splits (among other skills):

Then step 3 becomes your new starting position! Keep repeating the sequence and get deeper and deeper without pain! Feel free to try it after a quick warm up, do a few sets, don’t do more than 5 reps per set to start, don’t rush, put your mind to it while you do it and watch how your body reacts, and most importantly, enjoy the results!

How did it go?

As you've seen we did no hold stretches in this case. The method you are about to learn does not make you hold positions waiting for something magical to happen, you actually do something in order to get more flexible, not just wait for a miracle on a stretch that is straining you, putting you to sleep or injuring you or on the best of the cases not producing any effect.

This way of going deeper into a stretch using particular moves is called the Target and Leverage system, and this is actually the key difference with Zaichik Stretching and other methods, and this is mainly why it is so effective. It takes advantage of the fact that no single muscle performs one action, and it uses those actions one against the other in order to "create space" for the joint, thus automatically increasing range of motion. This is easy to understand when you practice, maybe not so much by reading technical explanations, so let's get on to the practice and get full flat splits in all directions.

This is what you are getting!!!

#1 - True Front Split

A $39.95 value, this 55 minutes long video contains specific warm up and conditioning exercises for the True Frot Split, the necessary Zaichik Stretching exercises to target the muscles involved in a True Front Split as well as a cool down section. This is a great place to start before attempting the usually more demanding open front and side splits. You will learn how to isolate and stretch outer hamstrings and hip flexors muscles.

#2 - Open Front Split

The Open Front Split Training Program, a $39.99 value, is a 40 minutes long video containing specific warm up and conditioning exercises for the Open Front Split, the necessary Zaichik Stretching exercises to target the muscles involved as well as a cool down section. This is what links the true front split with the side split, since it focuses on adductors, hip external rotation and inner hamstrings.

#3 - Side Split 

Here we go, the Side Split Training Program, a $39.95 value, is a 25 minutes long video containing specific warm up and conditioning exercises for the Side Split and all its variations, the necessary Zaichik Stretching exercises to target the muscles involved as well as a cool down section. This is usually trained last, after you achieved flats front splits using the other two programs, so this is more of a rounding off for what you are missing in order to get a full side split, mostly additional adductors work and very targeted side split exercises which will give you that extra you need for this more demanding split.

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How much is all this? How much would you pay to finally get amazing full splits? Each video is $39.95, so you are getting 3 videos and that sums up to $119.85, right? Not if you order today! 

So, are you going to keep wasting time and money, risking your health, hitting plateaus, wondering how to reach your goal instead or working towards it? Or are you going to start your EasyFlexibility Splits Training Program and get nice full flat impressive front and side splits sooner than you expect?

It is your choice. Click on the add to cart button at the bottom if you prefer the latter option.

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