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Front Split Hips Squared

Front Split Hips Squared

Front Split Hips Squared

A true front split is one of the two front split variations. The true front split is achieved by moving the straight legs in opposite directions, while the hips remain squared. True front split keeps the right and left hip in one. In Yoga this position is called Hanumanasana or Monkey Pose. 

Front Split Hips Squared

While some people consider an Open Front Split more challenging, majority of the people who do the Open variation, have difficulty with this one.

Front Split Hips Squared

Virtually all hip muscles are stretched, when the True Front Split is performed. The traditional method of working on this technique is to force the body down. In some schools the front leg is strained and then the rear leg.

Our approach is different because we pick each joint action apart. Through special Kinesiological Stretchingtechniques we avoid the pain of the stretch reflex, thus allowing much faster and safer progression. (Click here to learn more about Kinesiological Stretching as well as trying free exercises).

 Watch Squared Front Split Muscle Anatomy Breakdown:

We recommend that you take a look at the hamstrings DVD's and work on at least Beginner and Intermediate Levels prior to trying this program. The way to tell where to start is if you can reach your toes with your fingers having legs straight, you'll start at Intermediate Level. If you can't reach at all you'd start at Beginner. And if you can reach your toes with your wrist without feeling much of a stretch then you are ready for this and other splits training programs.
Go ahead, test it, then go to the Hamstrings Section if you need so. (Click here)

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