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Watch the Side Straddle Anatomy Breakdown


You’re probably familiar with the Side Split - the most well-known split-home configuration common for all Martial Arts, Dance Types, Gymnastics, Sports and Fitness routines. The true mark of flexibility, it is an ideal way to push the human body beyond the boundaries of its possibilities to achieve greater body control.


However, there is a downside to the advantages of learning to perform this position. For most people it is associated with discomfort, pain and perhaps even injury due to the invasive nature of the applied exercise. Why that happens you may wonder. The answer is simple - most training routines don’t factor in the need for relaxation between contraction periods, which leads to tension and stress. The result is the most popular method of doing a full split remaining the one with the highest risk of pain and injury. Isn’t that a waste?!

The Kinesiological approach to stretching techniques nurtures the body rather than push it to extremes. It encourages steady progress that does not harm the body. As a result pain and injury are eliminated thanks to careful and gentle exercise of the muscles that work with their natural movement. The system we’ve developed relies on a delicate and dynamic approach to stretching that creates the perfect balance between strength and flexibility with numerous health benefits.

So stop wasting time, energy and money on programs that promise fast and magical results. Everyone knows the road to success is a journey you need to take one step at a time. We are here to guide you to your destination in a way that doesn’t work against you! Our Kinesiological approach adapts to and grows with you to become part of your living habits and patterns for a seamless, effective transofrmaiton.

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