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Side Split Cold and Beyond – EasyFlexibility

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Side Split Cold and Beyond

Side Split Cold and Beyond is an advanced flexibility program for the straddle. When students achieve their side splits, there are usually two questions that come up.


1. How can I keep my split, after the workout?
2. How can develop my split to transfer it over in various skills?

There are people who master their split for no other reason, than because it's cool. It's a benchmark of self-achievement in flexibility, it's a cool party trick, it's something that Jean Claude Van Damme does almost in every movie. This is enough for many to strive toward this stretch. To each it's own. However what good is the split, if you can only do it after 30 minutes of warm up?

On the other hand many athletes develop the split, in order to transfer it into various skills in the chosen activity. It can be a leaping split in Gymnastics, a double split front kick in Martial Arts, a developpe a la seconde in Ballet or side tilt in Modern Dance. In order to use the split effectively one needs to be comfortable in it and to have full control. This control is ideal in all directions, but at least in the directions required by the skill.

Regardless if you are looking for the first option (cold split without the warm up) or the second option (to transfer it into your chosen skills), this program covers both. Here are the three things that you would need to make your split, just as natural as walking down the street.

1. Go Beyond. If you want a perfect split in the air or a cold split on the ground, you need to go past 180. That is as simple as that. You need room for error, a cushion. This program takes you deeper than you ever were before.

2. Develop Control. Making any position natural means having control in it. You must move in a split, move into it move out of it with ease.

3. Strength in Any Direction. You may have very strong muscles, but how strong they are, while you are in the straddle? Since you need to do the skills involving the split, strength must be developed there. This DVD covers all three of the requirement need for total and complete mastery over your split, taking beyond just a sitting straddle.

Recommendation: It's best if you have a mastery of the basic straddle before starting this program.

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