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Scottish Highland Dance Combo *$94.99* – EasyFlexibility
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Scottish Highland Dancers rely on the flexibility of their feet as well as the flexibility of their internal rotators of the hips.  Some techniques, such as Highland Leap call for the flexibility of the Adductors.

The following 4 programs develop flexibility in those areas.

1. A Turnout Program

This program is designed for dancers who's hips need lateral rotation, so that the feet point sideways. Highland Dance as well as Ballet are primary examples of dance with this requirement.


2. Butterfly Program

Butterfly Stretch develops the flexibility of the inner thighs muscles, as both internal rotators and adductors. Pas de basques is an ideal example, where both of those two actions (Flexibility of the internal rotators and adductors) are called into play.


3. Foot and Ankle Program

This program develops both flexibility and strength in the lower leg. For Highland Dancer this is a must.


4. Side Split, Also Called Middle Split or Box Split

At first this program may look like it's only good for Highland Leap. However, it improve the easy with which the sing leg can be lifted to the side in the turned out position.


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