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Shoulder Flexion Flexibility

Shoulder Flexion Flexibility

Who Needs Shoulder Flexion Flexibility?


Overhead range of motion is a must for a countless number of sports. From weight lifting to basketball, from tennis to gymnastics, from wrestling to swimming, dancing, the list goes on.

Shoulder Flexion Flexibility

In many cases more than 180 degree range of motion is needed. In throwing sports for example, such as javelin, football and baseball. Same applied to serves in volleyball and rocket sports. However, many individuals suffer from tight shoulders. In addition, shoulder pain is a common occurrence from over-use or lifestyle habits like staring at a phone. 

How to get shoulder flexibility

Since a downward arm movement is very powerful, many muscles work in various ranges. They all need to be stretched properly.

The majority of athletes try to get the overhead movement by pulling the arm overhead or worst behind the head, as hard as they can. This is rather painful and more often than not causes chronic inflammation in various tissues, including biceps tendon and supraespinatus tendon.

Shoulder Flexion Flexibility

Let's Do A Zaichik Stretching Exercise

how to get shoulder flexibility

1- Start as deep as you can, armpit as close to the floor as it is comfortable for you.

2- Apply external rotation to your shoulder, using your head against your wrist to slightly push out.

3- As you return to the starting position drop your armpit into the floor.

And then step 3 becomes your new starting position! Keep going with the exercise to go deeper and deeper into the stretch.

In this case your Target action is dropping your armpit into the floor, that is, increasing shoulder flexion, which will go deeper and deeper with every repetition.

On the other hand, your Leverage or "helper" move is moving your arm laterally outwards, applying shoulder external rotation and then retreating it back.

At the same time you are retreating the Leverage you will notice that you can go deeper into your Target without any effort. This is the magic of EasyFlexibility's Zaichik Stretching.

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