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Hamstrings Intermediate Level – EasyFlexibility
Hamstrings Intermediate Level

Hamstrings Intermediate Level

Enjoy a complete follow-along workout for fast hamstrings flexibility tailored for intermediate students.

This Program features:


Hamstrings Intermediate Level

You’re not going to get into a car, start the engine and drive it straight on 5th gear, right? So why would you force your body to extremes when it’s your main vehicle in need of maintenance, warming up and gradual acceleration?

Hamstrings Intermediate Level

This optimizes your performance and improves your speed, agility and flexibility. A body that has been properly prepped up for a workout achieves far better results; not to mention avoiding the risk of injury or pain. If you’re committed to a goal you’ll do the smart thing and do it right – from start to finish. No excuses!

Hamstrings Intermediate Level

This allows for even spread of the applied pressure and ensures your entire body actively participates in the routine. We’ll help you work your way to success – one sweat at a time.

A lot of people hold back because of a purely psychological barrier or as runners like to call it – ‘when they hit the wall’. But we’ll help you push through this and overcome every obstacle along the way! You can count on Zaichik Stretching to connect you to your own body and mind. You’ll start to understand your body language and correctly assess your capabilities to know just how far you can go.

Finally, the cool down is just as necessary as every other element in the routine as it allows you to decompress. Working up a sweat is nice, but you’ve got to know when to hit the brakes too. We wouldn’t want you to burn yourself out, because that’s not exercise – that’s just self-abuse.

Allowing the muscles to relax and get rid of all the toxins that were released during the workout is essential. It eliminates soreness and completes the cycle of an exercise. Besides, we’re all for positive reinforcement and you’ve totally earned a good rest!

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