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Gymnastics Complete Shoulder Flexion

Overhead Shoulder Flexibility or Shoulder Flexion Stretching. Overhead range of motion is a must for a countless number of sports. From weight lifting to basketball, from tennis to gymnastics, from wrestling to swimming, the list goes on. Being able to stretch the shoulder abductors and extensors, as well as scapula inferior rotators allows the arm to come up to at least vertical line. In many cases more than 180 degree is needed, in throwing sports for example, such as javelin, football and baseball. Same applied to serves in volleyball and rocket sports.

Since a downward arm movement is very powerful, many muscles work in various ranges. They all need to be stretched properly. Majority of athletes try to get the overhead movement by pulling the arm overhead or worst behind the head, as hard as they can. This is rather painful and more often than not causes chronic inflammation in various tissues, including biceps tendon and suprispinatus tendon.

Our proven program isolates each muscle of the shoulder joint and of the shoulder girdle. Every muscle action is used against it's own action to quickly create space. The whole procedure is fast and free of stretch reflex pain.

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Be sure to check out our Combination Package -Diving Combo: Which includes:

  • Shoulder Overhead
  • Double Hamstrings
  • Tuck and Pike
  • Handstand



Be sure to check out our Combination Package -Olympic Lifting Combo: Which includes:

  • Front Rack
  • Olympic Lifting Lower Body and Spine
  • Overhead Flexibility



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  • Rowing Lower Body
  • Overhead Flexibility Upper body



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  • Squash/Raquetball lower body
  • Shoulder Overhead
  • Shoulder Rotator Cuff

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