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Old Advanced Splits COMBO – EasyFlexibility
Old Advanced Splits COMBO

PLEASE NOTE! This package is for those who already know how to do the splits but are looking to gain even more flexibility for oversplits and focus on a strength and functional component.

If you are a beginner and have not yet achieved any split flexibility please refer to the Beginner Front & Side Splits Combo

This package contains the following programs:

Below you will find samples for each program. Please watch and send us your questions if you have any before making a decision, or if you need help picking the right program for you according to the skills you need to develop.

True Front Split

While some people consider an Open Front Split more challenging, majority of the people who do the Open variation, have difficulty with this one. Virtualy all hip muscles are stretched, when the True Front Split is performed. The traditional method of working on this technique is to force the body down. In some schools the front leg is strained and then the rear leg. Our approach is different because we pick each joint action apart taking away the pain of stretch reflex, thus allowing much faster and safer progression.

Side Split Cold

Regardless if you are looking for the first option (cold split without the warm up) or the second option (to transfer it into your chosen skills), this program covers both. This DVD covers all three of the requirement need for total and complete mastery over your split, taking beyond just a sitting straddle.

Standing Side Split

Standing Side Split or a Standing Open Front Split is a technical terms for various sports and athletic activities. Where the skill is a side split or an open front split depends mainly on the rotation of the supporting leg. In the sport of Figure Skating this position is called the I-Spin or the Y-Spin. In Cheerleading it's named the Heel Stretch or Bow and Arrow for the Flyer. Other disciplines such as Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts and Gymnastics often employ this position. Our standing split program combines Zaichik stretching techniques with other modalities. Those include extended length conditioning and reciprocal inhibition. 

Standing Front Split

A Standing Front Split is most often a demonstration skill. It looks impressive. However it can do more than just help score high points in competition. Mastering this technique develops greater awareness of one's body. In addition it transfer wells into skills of sports like martial arts, gymnastics, dancing, pole dancing, yoga, figure skating, cheerleading, etc.

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