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Cheerleaders Splits COMBO – EasyFlexibility
Cheerleaders Splits COMBO

Cheerleaders Splits COMBO

This package contains the following programs:

  • Side Split
  • True Front Split
  • Open Front Split

Side Split Flexibility

We’re sure most of you will agree that the standard methods of mastering this split are nothing short of torture.  Having someone push you down or pull your legs apart is certainly no easy or enjoyable way to train your body. What’s even worse – it does more damage than it does good to you!

You wouldn’t force yourself to gulp down your dinner or read until your eyes are watering, so why do you allow self-taught health ‘specialists’ to strain your body? The risk of injury you’re running is way higher than the likelihood that you’ll learn how to do a split quickly and accurately.

Kinesiological stretching techniques actually work with you, which is it the smart way to things. We don’t force you to go against everything that feels natural to you or push your body to extremes. At the core of our philosophy is isolating and working through every muscle individually, using various muscles actions against one another. This remains the safest, most pleasant and fastest method known today.

True Front Split

Skip the pain associated with standard stretching exercises with the help of our Kinesiological program. Increase range of motion in the hips and protect your back while doing it as we have developed a routine that not only guarantees long-lasting results, but also goes easy on your body.

There is only one way to do things and that is the way it feels most natural to you. Work with, not against yourself!

Open Front Split

Everyone knows the Open Front Split and the level of strain you need to put on your legs to master it. But don’t worry – now there actually is a way to learn how to do it without the added pain and discomfort. The method of Kinesiological Stretching is a zero-injury, maximum-efficiency program, developed by health consultants with 20 years of experience in the field.

For the first time you’re given a choice to train the natural way and leave behind decades of useless exercise routines that do nothing for you. We will safely guide you towards building up resilience, flexibility and agility in order to achieve progress you never thought possible! Unlock your full potential and be surprised at the results.

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