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Back Flexibility Stretches for Yoga and Back Pain – EasyFlexibility
Back Flexibility Stretches for Yoga and Back Pain

Back Flexibility Stretches for Yoga and Back Pain

Back Flexibility is an important factor in many sports (and areas of life). Hyper extension of the spine is the ability of the anterior (front side of the body) structures to stretch. In very deep ranges, structures supporting the spine get stretched. For most people, however, being able to stretch the back requires mobility of the rectus abdominis, psoas minor and obliques.

What's impeding your back flexibility

The main problem with stretching these muscles is the fact that they perform many actions and are well positioned to restrict the extension of the spinal column. On top of that, most people overtrain these muscle groups, leading to tightness, poor posture, and sometimes even back pain.

Health benefits of back flexibility are plentiful. Improved digestion, better posture, more space for heart and lungs, etc. In sports, any overhead move can benefit a flexible back. Tennis, baseball, football, volleyball and other sports that require the arm to come up to pick up more power in throws, spikes, blocks, etc when the back can extend and provide extra room for the shoulder joint.

Besides that dancers, gymnasts, figure skaters, wrestlers and yoga practitioners need this range of motion as well.

Our program uses proprietary kinesiological stretching techniques to quickly isolate and painlessly (key is the avoidance of the stretch reflex) allow one to bend backwards in the spine.

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