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Anterior Pelvic Tilt Correction – EasyFlexibility

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“This Program is a lifesaver! The physical pain that I’ve suffered as a result of my anterior pelvic tilt has dramatically decreased over the short period of time. Not to mention my posture is helped by these stretches as well. GREAT program!” ~ Rolando W.

Anterior Pelvic Tilt Correction

It’s a widely-known fact that incorrect posture leads to back pain, shoulder strain and neck discomfort. It can even limit movement. That’s when most people turn to chiropractors and health routines to minimize their pain. But if you go on a program now, you can save yourself all of the adverse effects before they’ve even happened.

It trains muscles, allowing them to explore their full potential of movement, strength and agility. And while doing that the program also teaches your body to correctly position itself. People who’ve tried the technique report increased feelings of comfort and flexibility within the first weeks of starting the routine.

An added bonus of this program is that women, who routinely exercise their pelvic floor, enjoy a faster, easier birthing process.

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Let us show you how you can dramatically improve your anterior pelvic tilt,
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You can start right now! This program is downloadable! Here's what you'll get:

  • A downloadable video containing the follow along routine plus explanations before each exercise.
  • The routine contains joint mobility warm-up, conditioning exercises to prepare your muscles , Zaichik Stretching Techniques for each single muscle involved, strength and supporting exercises and a cool down section.
  • You can download this video to all your computers, mobiles, tablets, without limitations. We provide LIFETIME WARRANTY on the download link in case you lose your files.

Specific Anterior Pelvic Tilt Correction Warm-Up & Conditioning Techniques

The routine begins with mobility exercises, followed by specific warmup and conditioning techniques that will prepare your body for the special stretching techniques that follow. Not only that, these exercises will also make your newly gained flexibility permanent, they will speed up flexibility gains as well as make you strong and in control of your body. You'll feel lighter than ever!

Unique Zaichik Stretching Techniques

Thanks to the Target & Leverage mechanism (unique to the ZST approach), these techniques are the most natural way to stretch. Since the stretch reflex is avoided, pain is not present, and results are visible right away.

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Anterior Pelvic Tilt Correction Program Only
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Six unique training routines at a special discount. This package contains everything you'll ever need and want to excel in what you love: dancing. Students and instructors alike prefer the Complete Ballet Combo, as an amazing asset in their dancing improvement arsenal.
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