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Side Split Complete Combo

Side Split Complete Combo

This package includes the three routines that you'll need to practice to completely master your side splits fully flat 180º. They are:

  1. Adductors Strength and Flexibility Program
  2. Side Splits Beginners
  3. Side Splits Advanced

1- Adductors Strength and Flexibility Program

This routine will give you the foundations, it'll teach you how to stretch every single muscle involved in the splits, as well as how to improve your basic muscle resistance through specific conditioning exercises. You'll not only feel more flexible, but stronger and lighter, more in control of your body.

You can see an Adductors Kinesiological Stretch below. Try it, you'll be surprised.

On the videos you'll find many of these techniques, all of them targeting the muscles that are needed for a side split, one by one.

2- Side Splits Beginners

This narrows down the adductors routine into the most essential kinesiological stretching exercises, focusing more on the flexibility than the strength part, and here we add more specific side split exercises, so that you can get deeper into the straddle without pain.

You can watch and try another Kinesiological Stretching Technique below. This one is best practiced after all the adductors have been released as explained in the program. Still you can do a few sets and feel it for yourself.

Watch the video and read the step by step explanation below:

This is how you do it step by step:

  1. You would basically start on a straddle as wide as you can, back straight, hands reaching forward.
  2. You will move toward one side just for one second then come to the center and go deeper moving your chest closer to the floor, just one degree at a time. Do the same on the other side, move your torso then back to the center position and deeper. Don't come up yet, keep going deeper after returning to the center.
  3. NOTE: You don't have to feel the stretch, you have to keep going for it to work
  4. After you feel you've done enough reps and you are starting to feel the stretch too much or feeling uncomfortable, come back up, spine vertical, and open your legs wider, this will come out naturally without pushing. Hold it for a moment and come out.
  5. Shake your legs, walk it off, then try for another set, as many as you'd like. Monitor how you feel, it should never be painful, and the stretch should never be felt strongly.

3- Side Splits Advanced

This program has a very important functional component. What's a split if you can't use it, right? By training this routine you'll finish mastering the side split in every sense, even able to do it cold without a warm up and to oversplit.

This routine adds two important components:

  • Antagonists Strength for active flexibility.
  • Movement and Habituation techniques.

You can have a quick look at the program contents below:

Anatomy Breakdown 

side split adductors stretching flexibility

 The Kinesiological Stretching effectiveness relies on several principles, one of which is the "target and leverage" approach explained in the videos above, another being "isolation of muscles" that facilitate the technique, a split in this case.

Our job consists in kinesiologically analyze each position, so having studied the side split we broke it down into manageable units, and we designed a program to release one by one all of the muscles involved. The end result for the practitioner is a complete feeling of freedom and no pain at all while doing a split.

Real Life Testing

We tested the techniques on all sorts of individuals, all ages, different sports backgrounds, different level of skill and athletic level, all walks of life. We've perfected the method over the years, and thanks to that effort thousands of people are getting the benefits.

The Splits Angle Measurement Application

You can check out by yourself at the EasyFlexibility Splits Leaderboard. It is an application that will measure your splits, and after being given two splits pictures taken at your workouts it will estimate a date for full splits.

Keep uploading your splits picture before or after your training and the estimation will be improved. You can see some samples of how people are improving and you can subscribe free here: easyflexibility.azurewebsites.net

Here is a sample of the first 5 people in the Leaderboard. What are you waiting to be here!

easyflexibility splits angle measurement online free application

What People Are Saying About Kinesiological Stretching

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