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Wrist Stretches & Forearm Flexibility – EasyFlexibility
Wrist Stretches & Forearm Flexibility

Wrist, forearm and fingers flexibility often forgotten and neglected compared to large muscles such as the hamstrings, adductors and even lats or hip flexors. In certain disciplines having a strong flexible wrist means the difference between skill and no skill. For example there is hardly a skill in gymnastics that does not require wrist flexibility. Same applies to yoga, parkour and other disciplines. Not to mention activities other than sports such as painting or playing a musical instrument.

In majority of rocket and ball sports, the rage of injury to the forearm and wrist can be reduced significantly if the muscles articulating the wrist and fingers are trained for strength and flexibility. Tennis and golfers elbow are among the most common one's. Because of such a large use of the forearm, many specialized muscles were developed. Each one does a slightly different function. For this reason, each one is stretched slightly differently from a kinesiological point of view.

Our program does away with standard relaxed stretches. When working the hand and forearm too often general stretches don't hit every muscle, neglecting the deeper ones, if the superficial are too tight. Our techniques focus on each muscle one at a time. Two or more actions of each mover are used against each other to create space and quickly gain length and range of motion. Our system also allows to avoid the pain of the stretch reflex.

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