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Side Bending Beginner Level – EasyFlexibility
Side Bending Beginner Level

Side Bending Beginner Level

Lateral Bending is often  neglected compared to other targets of flexibility training, such as hamstrings or adductors. Apart from athletic applications being able to flex the body to the side benefits the lungs, as well as abdominal organs, according to traditional yoga views.

 Side Bending Beginner Level

In athletic application side flexibility has a positive impact on any unilateral skill. Since very few sports do exactly the same movement with both arms and legs at a given time, the positive transfer over is very broad. From throwing sports such as baseball, football, and team handball to rocket sports such as tennis, squash and badminton. From combat techniques of wrestling, grappling and boxing to propulsion based skills of swimming and mountain climbing.

Just like many other standard anatomical movements, lateral bending is restricted by a large number of muscle groups.They apply force and subsequently restrict movement in various ranges. Simply holding passive lateral stretches such as Gate Pose in Yoga, takes a long to time to see flexibility improvements.

In our program a new and unique approach called Zaichik Stretching is taken.Side Bending Beginner Level

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