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Splits Fusion routine by Marina Schmied

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Marina Schmied performed a Splits Fusion routine for EasyFlexibility.

Splits Fusion, "joining splits" can be applied into a dance choreography, a gymnastics routine, a yoga flow, and anywhere else where flexibility is treasured. 
Splits Fusion was created by EasyFlexibility as a new form of expressing yourself, a "flexibility language" that unlocks new creative possibilities for dancers and everyone else that wishes to explore it.

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About Marina's experience with Splits Fusion:

"It was a new experience for me to create a routine based on flexibility because when I choreograph I usually focus on movements quality and detailed gestures. What I found satisfying about it was to get a feeling of expansion and stretch all way through my muscles through the repetitions. 
The hardest part was trying to focus on the task (emphasizing the splits) and not add too much extras or get too lyrical, as it would be for a ballet routine. One of the challenge was to make the routine fluent and appropriate according to the music. Another one was to make the positions wide and intense whereas the moving is quite static.
Concerning what I would retain from this experience it would be the great feeling given by these stretches. It almost became like a meditation for me. It also increased my awareness on how to stretch/split in a healthy way as I aimed to produce an organic and painless result."

More about Marina Schmied:

She started training with renowned teachers Martine Chaumet (ex-London Festival Ballet prima ballerina) and Mr. Conte (ex-Ballet du Rhin ballet master), completed training strongly classical-based, completed modern technique at the English National Ballet School in London, taught by great teachers among which Natalia Barbara, Anya Evans, Larissa Bamber and Cynthia Harvey. After graduating in 2011, she got her first full contract by the Ballet Vorpommern (Ralf Dörnen) in Germany where she performed solo roles (Beauty and the Beast, Sunset Boulevard) and worked with international choreographers such as Bryan Arias, Yaron Shamir and Lesley Telford. In 2016 she joined the Ballet of the Opera of Graz (Austria) where she is currently dancing.


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