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Flexibility Pearls

Regular Relaxed Stretches vs Zaichik Stretching Using Wrist Flexion and False Grip As An Example

Posted by EasyFlexibility Team on

There are a number of differences between standard stretching techniques and Zaichik Stretching techniques. The most obvious feature is the fact that the Zaichik Stretching technique use a concept of Target and Leverage. Taking advantage of the fact that each muscle is unique and is responsible for a specific sum of actions on one or more joints. However today's video is demonstrating an advantage of using Zaichik stretching to achieve a skill, as opposed to using standard stretching techniques. Wrist flexion is used an example. More specifically a gymnastics skill called False Grip, part of which is a well developed anatomical flexion of...

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Flexibility vs Pliability

Posted by Paul Zaichik on

    Check out what other customers are saying about the EasyFlexibility Training Certification!     Could you been thinking that you are lacking flexibility, but have been lacking pliability all along? Well, what is the difference? In short, Flexibility to Speed is Pliability to Acceleration. The former measures how flexible you are at any given time, the later measures how fast you become flexible. Can two people have the same flexibility, but different pliability? You betcha! If two people can't do a split when cold, but can do a split when warm, they both have the same flexibility. (Assuming they start...

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