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How Kinesiological Stretching Techniques have helped "Acro" Allison in the pursuit of her dancing goals

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As a competitive dancer "Acro" Allison spends hours every day working on her craft. She is almost 12 and has the drive that most adults will never achieve. The challenges of young athletes are tremendous, and as parents, we need to assist them in any way we can!

As in any sport, efficiency is everything because time is limited! Dancers have evolved over time, and so must the way they train. On the constant search to better herself, "Acro" Allison found that Kinesiological stretching was a way she could stretch safer and more efficiently.

Kinesiology is the study of body mechanics. The days of forcing a group of muscles and ligaments in one stretch are no longer the best way to work. Targeted stretching of a muscle or ligament brings results faster and safer.

While using traditional stretching methods in her first few years of dance, “Acro” Allison had many injuries. Even with great care, she had many muscle-pulls and injured ligaments; each was heart-wrenching, especially before a competition.

About a year ago, she implemented Kinesiological stretching techniques, and the results were simply amazing. Seemingly simple small movements lead to tremendous results. Allison was able to better her tilts, scorpions, and needles quickly and safely. Kinesiological stretching has given her a clear lead at most of her competitions. No longer did she have to fight with a stretch on stage, leaving her to focus on her balance and routines.



Allison wakes up 7 days a week geared to train at home. Then 4-5 days a week she commutes nearly one hour to Elite Dance Company in Hazelton, Pennsylvania. Her dance teacher Mrs. Danielle has been able to choreograph beautiful dances, showcasing her flexibility.

Anyone in any sport could greatly benefit from Kinesiological stretching. If you feel you have been working at your flexibility and have hit a wall, it’s time to work differently and give this process a chance!

Try it and see how effective this technique, called "Respect", is for yourself.

Step 1: Get into mermaid position.

Step 2: Bend forward from your hips keeping your back straight.

Step 3: Move towards your foot (This is your leverage).

Step 4: As you go back from your leverage, drop down a little more (This is your target).

Repeat step 3 and 4 until you can't go any further down.

Author: Richard Bogdanowicz

Allison's Teacher: Danielle Burke

Allison's Dance School: Elite Dance Company


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